Windows 7 welcome screen stuck after driver installation

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I was trying to connect to my campus H: drive. When trying to connect to this new network, I received an error along the lines of 'network could not be connected due to an unexpected error.' So, I thought restarting my computer would be a good idea. Unfortunately, when I try to load my computer using normal mode, it stops at the welcome screen (before log-in) and just stays there with the swirl of death. I can start and use my computer in any of the safe modes, but not in normal mode. IT wants to wipe my computer and reinstall Windows 7. Is there another solution that I could try first?


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Save all of your files from your %pc profile%/USER. This includes the desktop, and all of that. Get and save any files you have access to.

Now, go into IT, and ask ff you log INTO A DOMAIN. If you do, have them just delete your account first( from the local computer, not the AD).

Or, if it is your computer, and you don't log into a domain, then get into safe mode, make another account and make that account an administrator. Save all of your files as you did before. Now, log into the PC with the new ADMIN account you just created, and delete your profile. Now Log off. Reboot. Log back in as same ADMIN you just created, and make a new account with what ever name you wish. Paste your files back where they were!

If neither of these work, then save all of your files via safe mode, and have IT do their thing!
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