My computer turns on for about a minute then turns off

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So, I recently changed my motherboard because the old one was faulty. The PC started up, the monitor turned on, and then flat bang, every time it turned off about a minute in.

I have exchanged the fan and I believe that the PSU wattage is correct. Although the CPU was bloody hot when I took it out. Everything is plugged in correctly but it may just be a case of overheating.

I have also tried using only 1 RAM card which made it run for about 2 seconds longer than normal

Please help

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If it boots, gets to a desktop, then slams shut with no halts, it is thermal related.!
Thank you

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Well... clearly. Have you checked your Heat Sink?

Did you put thermal Paste on the CPU when you installed into the socket?

I believe that I did. Which as most people would think would keep the CPU temperatures stable for me it nearly burnt my hand while I was taking it out. I feel there may be a problem with the actual cpu and I am gonna try a different one
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It is the CPU fan then, if it is burning your hand. Get a bigger radiator/fan combo!
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I did that but now my pc is blue screening it turns on and runs. Blue screens twice then shuts off like before I believe I have a new problem on my hands now
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If it is blue screening, then the OS is having issues, possibly. Can you run that disk through a CHKDSK behind another OS?