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I need to match 2 columns of data from 2 different worksheets and when they match, I need to move data from another column from one worksheet to the other.

Sheet 1
Name Address 1 Address 2
John 123 Main St Suite 4
John 567 Name Rd Suite 8
Mike 894 First St
Mike 100 Main St Suite 2

Sheet 2
Name Address 1 need to move address 2 here from Sheet 1 when Name and
Address 1 match

There can be one name with multiple addresses, so Column A will have duplicate names so vLookup cannot be used.

Thank you

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Try something like this:


Here is how it works.

The IF statement is standard, if (logic test, logic test is true, logic test is false). In the above example, we have dropped the False value of the logic test, as it is not mandatory. If the logic test is true, then the subroutine of moveit is fired. You will notice that we pass a variable to moveit. The routine of moveit takes the sheet2cell value and posts it onto your sheet that you want it moved to.

Let us know if this will work.

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