Don't know if motherboard works

Belady - May 19, 2009 at 10:20 PM
 Belady - May 20, 2009 at 06:06 AM
hi all, my friend gave me a Tyan S2915 Thunder n6650w, its a server mobo but he said it can be used for home pc use as well, so I dont really fully know if I even CAN use it for my home purposes.

apparently this mobo was rained on when his business' roof collapsed during a storm it was not in use at the time and hasnt been used in months since(I dont know if that rain ruined it outright)

Soo.. i dont know if it works and I bought a powersupply for it and plug it in, the processor fan starts up, all the heatinks on the mobo start getting hot,the ethernet ports act up, the led lights I have plugged into the front panel header light up. however I have no ram plugged in and I hear no beeps of any kind, and i read somewhere that a mobo that doesnt beep is dead, I tried plugging in speakers to try hearing, but nothing as well. Also on the motherboard im currently using, the processor fan doesnt turn on or anything else for that matter by simply being plugged in until i actually hit the power button, however on the motherboard in question everything just activate just by being plugged in and the power button does absolutely nothing, im not expecting it to really do anything tho without ram though.

this mobo says it uses 667 ddr2 registered ecc ram. I had 2 sticks 1 gig each of ddr 667 ram laying around (not registered ecc) and nothing changed, and the power button did nothing, Sooo the mobo just sint working or I need to go another step and get the 667 registered ddr2 ram.

After all this in your opinions does the mobo sound like it ould work or is it ruined? Please give me your advice before I spend a bunch of that ram just to insert it and find the mobo still doesnt work

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May 20, 2009 at 03:31 AM
check if the processor is correctly plugged in the motherboard.
check if all the jumper are at the right place;
make sure you have plugged the ATX socket.
he gave me a processor pre-installed, he runs a computer chip manufacturing company so I assume he installed it correctly, and from what I see on the instruction booklet all pins are in the right locations, the mobo has 3 power connectors plugged in 24+4+8 pin, the fans and led lights stay on indefinately. I hear no beeps of any kind coming forth.

On my other mobo if I have no ram and I push the power button on the front panel header the mobo with give a loud beeping noise, this mobo makes no sound of anykind, all that happens is the led light on the front panel header temporarily gets brighter to let me know I indeed pressed the power button.

I do not have any memory installed however I need advice to know if the mobo is ruined since its not beeping(which I read means the mobo is dead)before I spend money and buy ram only to find I wasted money