Acer Aspire Z1-611 Can't connect to Wifi / Red 'X'

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My Acer Aspire Z1-611 Desktop cannot connect to Wifi whatsoever, as in it seems that the Wireless driver is not even recognized by the computer (reading other advice that suggested Select 'Open Network and Sharing Center' -> Click 'Change Adapter Settings' on the left -> Right-click 'Wireless Network Connection' and go to properties), this 'Wireless Network Connection' option is not even found! Instead, all that shows is 'Ethernet - Network cable unplugged'.

I have gone through and reinstalled all the Wireless LAN drivers for my desktop via USB drive from my laptop which is successfully connected to the internet and has no problems. Even after installing the drivers on my desktop and restarting, nothing has changed. I restarted my desktop again, and went into 'setup' to see if there were any settings that needed to be changed or were unchecked/disabled - nothing.

OS for my desktop is Windows 10, and internet issues were scarce before. Occasionally, I would start the desktop and get the error of 'red x' over the connections icon in the taskbar, not even detecting my Wifi/internet, yet alone any connections, but restarting the computer would usually work as afterward it would detect my Wifi and connect with no issues. Yesterday, I was downloading a PDF and noticed that the connection was out/went out, couldn't recognize or see ANY available connections, and restarting obviously did not solve the issue.

I have not been able to find any solutions, I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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Jul 7, 2017 at 03:41 PM
Ok, go here:

And click support, the website will scan your computer and help you out!