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Hello all

I'd be grateful if anyone could advise on a formula to highlight a cell which would change colour 30 days before the expiry date. I believe this would be a conditional formatting.
Say I have a date in Cell A1, which is the expiry date of a training certificate eg 07/3/2010, I would like the cell to change colour to red 30 days before expiry to remind me to book refresher training.

If the cell could count down in months also, that would be a bonus but not essential.

Many thanks for any help offered.
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Thank you
Put this condition in Conditional Formatting : Formula is : = =(A1-TODAY())<=30

If you want to count down remaining days then you have to make a separate COLUMN which will appear the day when

Suppose you want to show those days in Column C then write this formula in that column ..... it will start working when 30 or less days remaining ....


Hope it will solve your problem. if not get back to me ...

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Can you explain this formula? it worked perfect for me but I dont understand it.
Thank you
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