Automatically insert rows in associated spread sheets

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 ManxEd - Jul 28, 2017 at 03:00 PM
I have created an accounting workbook of 15 sheets to produce accounts and associated information for a group of around 85 people.
The names are all listed in the master spreadsheet and all subsidiary spread sheets are populated with names Etc by = formula connected to the master spreadsheet.
When anyone joins the group I have to insert an additional row on each subsidiary spread sheet, connect it to the master and then pull down the list on each sheet for each column so that I can update the information on each sheet.
Is there a formula I can apply to the subsidiary sheets so that when I insert a row in the master and fill in the data in the columns it also inserts rows and populates all the subsidiary spread sheets

Advice would be most appreciated

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Jul 28, 2017 at 12:01 PM
It's tough to help without looking at the data first.

Here are some suggestions based on what I understand:

Use Excel tables. It helps in automatically account for new data points.

Use drop down lists in column column of the subsidiary sheet. That ways, you can simply code it to pull data when you select the new name from the drop down. You can do this using lookup formulas.

Again, tough to help without looking at the data.
Hi and many thanks for your interest
I have created a spreadsheet accounts packaged for use by small clubs and charities.
I have this on my GDrive and have amended the actual program to eliminate private material, so that it is a set of model accounts
This system works without any problems and I designed it to enable a treasurer who is not a book keeper to be able to produce proper accounts with very little problem.
Obviously the workbook starts, after a few lines, with a list of the club members.
This list is connected to 2 other members lists in the accounts spread sheet and 11 separate but connected spread sheets.
When a new member joins the club his name etc must be inserted on a new row, and to avoid any problem with data being wrongly related to a member, all the other sheets need a row to be inserted in exactly the same order as the first additional row.
It is vital that no mistakes are made.
If you wish, I could allow you to share the actual documents and user instructions in return for your email address
Kind regards