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i have to daily update supplier name, part name , part number to my daily list .
i want it to auto populate this to all my master-sheet , i maintain 3 master-sheet .
and i want when i write supplier name , the part number should should auto-generate
in next column .
please help me .

configuration Windows 7 / Chrome 59.0.3071.115

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I will assist with the syntax, and explain what each does, but I will not write a turnkey solution.

z = Cells(ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(WS).Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
This line finds how many rows are on a particular sheet called WS. Use this to find the last line on you master sheet.

This line selects a worksheet called Logging.

ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Logging").Range("a" & thecelltoinput).value = whatvalue
This line places a value in the form of a variable called whatvalue, into a cell range of A and what ever number variable of thecelltoinput happens to be. SO, if thecelltoinput=1, then this would place it in A1.

ID = Range("B" & whatrow).value
This line, populates a variable of ID, with the value at B, and whatever the variable of whatrow is, to make a RANGE(B1), is whatrow=1.

This should be enough to do what you are asking.

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