Iphone 7 clone Whatsapp, Facebook, iCloud error

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sir i bought iphone7 but whatsapp], facebook, icloud, safari,
i am facing lots of problem to download the if app will be downloaded then at the time of installation ther is error occur every time

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Aug 10, 2017 at 06:09 AM

The apps you are trying to run are configured for a genuine Apple mobile not an imitation, so you will never be able to run them.

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Sep 10, 2017 at 07:00 PM
First of all I do not know what type of iphone clone is nor the model you refer to.
Second in the iphone 7 clone that I have it is possible to install applications.
But in your case it depends. You have to dare to open it, with one or two guitar-playing reeds. Smoothly, but firmly run the vane around the screen very close to it. If you have a movie, you may have to flee your hand and cut the movie (buy another one and put it on).
Once opened, make sure you have a Micro SDCard slot inside the TF card phone. If so, you're lucky. If not, only by desoldering a block of memory and soldering a larger capacity, resulting in greater risks of operation and expenses.
In case of TF Card it tries several capacities but has to be previously formatted in FAT32 mode. The System will also ask you if you want to format it and start using it. There you go. From that moment all the photos and music you take will go to the TF card and you will be able to install some programs. Type Facebook Lite, Instagrame (different), Twitter (different too). However others that ask to be installed in the ROOT of the mobile phone requires space and there depends on what you intend to do.
Ex of those who want the installation to have access to the mobile phone, root. To be installed you must have space on the Snachat, Instagram, Twitter, iMessenger
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Sep 10, 2017 at 07:24 PM
Drag to the X and choose what you want, if it is useful or pure garbage.
Do not do as many say go manually uninstall applications purely and simply by erasing them with the file manager or genre thing. This can give great SHIT (sorry for the reality) in the clone, even in the androids gives the more clone in the several interlinked applications.
You have to know if you can apply a TF Card and what capacity in your clone (previously formatted in FAT32 and not mode extended). Once installed and the system is formatted or you start using / Mounting SD Card, you will not have many problems.
Mobile phone off - Required.
In some you have the location of the TF on the side of the battery in others you have to raise the battery slightly and in others it is even on the top of the battery. In others unfortunately it is by CHIP type memory block soldered on the board. Then weep and say goodbye, sell it or risk it.
By chip is much faster than TF Card, but choosing the chip and taking it off the chip and placing another can be expensive and not compensate. The TF is always much more accessible. You have to decide at the moment when you open the TF to put (it gives 16gb, 32gb) I just did not get to try on my daughter's 64gb and the 128gb I had because they had them all with information and were in Extend and NTFS formats.
I put a 32gb already with a folder MUSICs (with 2gb of mp3 songs and some mp4) and another PHOTOs (with images to the background).
The system to start and to take the photos created the own folder like the one of the mobile phone but nevertheless did not risk to delete the folders of the root of the mobile phone.