How to message yourself on WhatsApp: Android, iPhone

How to message yourself on WhatsApp: Android, iPhone

Many users still don't know that besides sending all kinds of messages and making audio and video calls, WhatsApp also allows you to send messages to yourself? It is a very useful trick that allows you to use this app as a notebook or virtual cloud. Read on to find how to do it.

Why send a message to yourself on WhatsApp?

Having a WhatsApp chat in which only you, as the transmitter and receiver of the messages, are present may seem silly. However, this trick has many advantages, among which are:

  • Taking notes: With this trick, you can write down your shopping list, that great series recommendation from a friend or quotes from the book you appreciate so much. All this information can be recorded in a chat that only you can see (from WhatsApp on your phone or from your PC) and you can easily locate it with the Search option of this app.
  • Save information in the cloud: This trick also allows you to save all kinds of files and data, from videos and voice notes to boarding passes and locations you want to remember. The important thing is that you have to make sure that you forwarded what you wanted to save to your WhatsApp conversation with yourself as if it were a personal and easily accessible virtual memory or cloud.

How to send a message to yourself on WhatsApp?

Before starting, although it may seem very obvious, the first thing you need to activate this trick is to have installed WhatsApp. This trick works in all versions of WhatsApp (iPhone, Android, Desktop). Now that everything is ready, just follow these simple steps:

  • Add your phone number to your address book: follow the same procedure as when you add a new person to your phone book, but enter your name and phone number.
  • Open WhatsApp and create a new group. To do so, click on the drop-down menu at the top right and select New Group).
  • Select your phone number and a friend's number to be deleted later: you will be the only active contact in that new group (WhatsApp does not allow you to create a group from scratch, so the first time you must put someone else in it before you can expel them).
  • Give your group a name (for example, you can put 'Personal notes', 'My assignments and notes' or any other title you can think of).
  • Make sure you expel the friend you put in so you can create your WhatsApp group with yourself.
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It's that easy! You can now send messages to yourself on WhatsApp, as many times as you want, and then access that information from your phone or through your computer.

Note: Now that you have a conversation with yourself on WhatsApp, we recommend that you pin it to the top of your chats so that you can find it quickly and easily whenever you need to.

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