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  • upgrading my ram Closed

    Hello, im just trying to upgrade my ram. i have an existing 512mb ram and now im trying to put a 1gb ram next to it but when i plug it into the so...

    matinlapin.cz | Hardware | Latest reply: Xmaniac Sep 11, 2008
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  • my laptop(sony vaio pcg_571l) Closed

    Hello, I have a laptop sony vaio PCG-571L its not making a display. It is fully charged and power key is lightning as well but when i press th...

    mzimran | Laptop | Latest reply: Xmaniac Sep 11, 2008
    3 replies
  • Black laptop screen Closed

    Hello, My laptop screen has gone black since I came back from holidays. I have tried to restart it several times but it does not seem to display an...

    praveenpr4 | Monitor | Latest reply: verre.cz Sep 11, 2008
    1 reply
  • Keyboard issue Closed

    Hello, My little sister has been playing with my keyboard and has removed one key after another and now, I really don't know how to get this fixed....

    haiguys1 | Keyboard | Latest reply: haley111 Sep 11, 2008
    2 replies
  • My laptop will not boot up at all. Closed

    Hi, I recently tried to turn my laptop on and it will not boot at all. When I turn it on, the HP Invent screen pops up, and then after that the s...

    Hailey | Laptop | Latest reply: takeadvice1221 Sep 11, 2008
    1 reply
  • optic drive a headache Closed

    Hello, A friend of mine who is very elderly loves to play scrabble, but when she went to play it the other day, she put the disc in the drive and the...

    banjopat | Hardware | Latest reply: imation Sep 11, 2008
    1 reply
  • problems with my cam Closed

    hello, i have a webcam on my laptop and in the installation there is two drivers and ive installed the first one it wasnt working so i installed th...

    eauvital | Hardware | Latest reply: Zennon4 Sep 10, 2008
    1 reply
  • pc doesnt want to start up Closed

    Hello, yesterday was playing swat4 on my computer through lan connection and suddenly pc shut down. at first i thought about an error by the pc but...

    melcoquille | Hardware | Latest reply: kevlaruni Sep 10, 2008
    1 reply
  • my computer shuts down unexpectedly Closed

    Hello, My computer shuts down unexpectedly when i turn off my internet box. what should i do?

    Ants13 | Hardware | Latest reply: sunny Sep 10, 2008
    3 replies
  • no boot up no display Closed

    Hello, i inserted a new dial up modem and restarted the system after logon it hang up then i restarted it this time nothing came on the displa...

    DONNIE | Hardware | Latest reply: inteloutside Sep 10, 2008
    1 reply
  • 20pins psu on a 24pins motherboard?? Closed

    Hello, actually i have a very strange question in my mind. can anyone tell me whether a 20 pins psu would suite in a 24 pins motherboard? i g...

    kys09 | Motherboard | Latest reply: andytozor Sep 10, 2008
    1 reply
  • computer wont start up Closed

    Hello, im assembling a computer for a friend and when i switch it on it would light up for about 30seconds and the nothing on the screen it would s...

    gsta31 | Hardware | Latest reply: fedexpro Sep 10, 2008
    1 reply
  • bluetooth Closed

    Hello, how and who developed bluetooth technology?

    namus | Hardware | Latest reply: aquarelle Sep 10, 2008
    1 reply
  • What kind of tower do I need? Closed

    Hello, I'm looking to get a new tower, and have what is; originally a HP Pavilion a1230n, 2.40 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64, 3GB pc3200 ddr ram, a 512mb G...

    six6er | Hardware | Latest reply: six6er Sep 9, 2008
    3 replies
  • Looking for Mini Size Notebook or UMPC Closed

    Hello, I'm looking for a mini size notbook or UMPC. Need something light weight and easy to carry around. I prefer using Fujitsu. Could you give me...

    Thai1 | Hardware | Latest reply: Sam Sep 9, 2008
    1 reply
  • USB ports not working Closed

    Hello, I'm James and I just got a brand new Compaq desktop computer for my birthday and everything is working fine, except for the USB ports f...

    eauvital | Hardware | Latest reply: computergroove1 Sep 9, 2008
    1 reply
  • Hard disk Closed

    Hello, ive just formatted my computer preinstalled windows vista ultimate, i had a second hard disk and now i have installed windows xp and it ...

    Tracynet | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: mano.mn2 Sep 9, 2008
    1 reply
  • free my drive c Closed

    Hello, hey i jus want to be able to get space on c and use my1g flash stix of memory thtas shows up as d

    desz | Hardware | Latest reply: desz Sep 8, 2008
    3 replies
  • router Closed

    Hello, I plugged my router into the wall but there is no lights coming on the router I pushed the reset button but nothing happens can you tell me wh...

    denise | Hardware | Latest reply: rdewar Sep 8, 2008
    1 reply
  • problem with my dvd rom Closed

    Hello, i recently started having this problem with my computer it will only read discs but would not write any discs nor dvd. i have tried installi...

    bitcomet | Hardware | Latest reply: billakong Sep 8, 2008
    1 reply
  • pc not working Closed

    Hello, hey my pc not start continue with bep sound

    Rajesh Kumar | Hardware | Latest reply: aquarelle Sep 8, 2008
    2 replies
  • problems with 1gb ram Closed

    Hello, yesterday i updraged my ram from 512mb to 1gb and this morning when i switch it on it seems as if only the fan in the psu is running and nothi...

    melcoquille | Hardware | Latest reply: procontact Sep 8, 2008
    1 reply
  • cant understand the signal problems of my pc Closed

    hello, my cpu is fine but yesterday the pc was working fine but suddenly the monitor went off no sound nothing ... and when ever i am starting t...

    sam | Hardware | Latest reply: nit Sep 8, 2008
    1 reply
  • monitor Closed

    Hello, i moved my computer to front bedroom now everything works but monitor stays blank but the amber colored light is on but green light only stays...

    bobby | Hardware | Latest reply: anil Sep 7, 2008
    1 reply
  • keyboard and mouse not working Closed

    Hello, ive just bought a new computer my neighbour just did all the connections but he didnt test for it and now when i came back home my keyboard an...

    kevlaruni | Keyboard | Latest reply: anil Sep 7, 2008
    2 replies
  • beep sound Closed

    Hello, continue beep sound is recive but ram is ok

    anil | Hardware | Latest reply: CHRIS Sep 7, 2008
    1 reply
  • monitor Closed

    Hello, My monitor is flickering suddenly, there aare small black dash coming around the screen alltime. Help me out pls.

    subrato | Hardware | Latest reply: Rajesh Kumar Sep 7, 2008
    1 reply
  • no diplay Closed

    Hello, I got a problem with my computer it does not display and it does not give any beeps or signals.

    judy | Hardware | Latest reply: lordztech Sep 7, 2008
    2 replies
  • dvd player will not autorun Closed

    Hello, my dvd player is a pioneer DVD -RWDVR-K15RA. When I put a disc in, regarless if its a cd or a dvd, it will boot up, but the it stops. It will ...

    icilces | Hardware | Latest reply: icilces Sep 7, 2008
    2 replies
  • changing my actual cooling system Closed

    Hello, actually im thinking about removing the actual cooling system i have in my computer and putting water cooling system. a friend told me about...

    melodyfive | Hardware | Latest reply: crystal.me Sep 7, 2008
    1 reply
  • problem with another hdd Closed

    Hello, i have a hard disk on my computer where there is windows xp installed on it and this one is working fine. ysterday i bought a new one and wh...

    melodyfive | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: lamure1090 Sep 7, 2008
    1 reply
  • can someone guide me in what must i do? Closed

    Hello, ive just built a new computer for my brother but now has stopped working was working for two or three days but now isnt. on the screen all i...

    kevlaruni | Hardware | Latest reply: pianomonster Sep 7, 2008
    1 reply
  • new graphics card with my actual psu Closed

    Hello, ive just bought a radeon x1950 and when i got home i realised that my psu may be not good for it and its written 30amps on 12v rails anyone ...

    gioguitar | Hardware | Latest reply: gioguitar Sep 6, 2008
    1 reply
  • Deleted Emails Closed

    Hi Once you have deleted your email and have don "recover deleted items", are there any way the emails could still be in your system?? Amanda

    Mandy | Hardware | Latest reply: twinmos Sep 6, 2008
    1 reply
  • hp pc wont start Closed

    Hello, I have a problem with a hp pc about 4 years old after changing the ram and now will not start up please help. Not power supply. Not monitor....

    tbom | Hardware | Latest reply: tbom Sep 6, 2008
    5 replies
  • pc low of memory Closed

    Hello, my pc is constantly telling me that im low in memory although I have 2giga ram installed on it. Any solution of what should I do ?

    melmel.cz | Hardware | Latest reply: Ravi Sep 5, 2008
    2 replies
  • 2nd onboard HDD Closed

    Hello, I added a 2nd HDD to my pc to give more storage space . At first , it was recognised by os on main Hdd but then it disappeared . I trie...

  • Mother Board problem Closed

    Please help my dear friends, I have Intel 81845 GV mother board. It has more problem that is No display monitor, Hardisk is not deduct and CD ROM als...

    Navas | Hardware | Latest reply: Ravi Sep 5, 2008
    2 replies
  • light scribe technology Closed

    Hello, well im thinking about changing my dvd rom and putting one integrated with lightscribe can anyone tell me what the real purpose of lightscri...

    tazz.cz | Hardware | Latest reply: Michty Sep 5, 2008
    1 reply
  • whats the meaning of dvd+-rw? Closed

    Hello, my sister just bought her computer but yesterday i was at her place and noticed one thing on her dvd rom.. it was written dvd+-rw and i spen...

    sanlind | Hardware | Latest reply: Michty Sep 5, 2008
    1 reply
  • graphics card needs to be changed Closed

    Hello, im thinking about changing my vga card and i was wondering which one is better between these two cards : xfx geforce 8800gt alpha dog 512...

    austwiz | Hardware | Latest reply: Michty Sep 5, 2008
    1 reply
  • New hard drive mapped incorrectly Closed

    Hello, I replaced the SATA hard drive on my computer. The hard drive is listed as drive I. It will not let me remap it to drive C. This is causi...

    auburn536 | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: trance1007 Sep 5, 2008
    1 reply
  • need to figure out what hardware not working Closed

    Hello, I need help figuring out which of my pc's hardware is not working so here is the situation/ my pc boots it goes through bios it loads windows ...

    misael | Hardware | Latest reply: misael Sep 4, 2008
    2 replies
  • No sound Closed

    Hello, Hey I have a Gateway 7330GZ with a Avance AC'97 sound device. I just installed Windows xp pro and now the audio won't work. At first it said n...

    j8ment | Hardware | Latest reply: bitcomet Sep 4, 2008
    1 reply
  • Screen fine but not turning on Closed

    Hello, Was in the middle of playing a game of BF2142 when the game froze up, tried ctrl+alt+delete etc but nothing worked so i resarted the compute...

    Dom | Monitor | Latest reply: brakers Sep 4, 2008
    3 replies
  • flashing the bios Closed

    Hey guys can you tell me whether flashing a bios is recommended or not please? Also if the bios is not well flashed what is the negative effect? Will ...

    logonserver | BIOS | Latest reply: brakers Sep 3, 2008
    1 reply
  • thinking about some upgrades for my pc Closed

    Hello, i have actually an intel pentium core2duo e4500 in my pc fitted on an asrock motherboard but the problem is that sometimes it will keep free...

    tipcojuice | Hardware | Latest reply: brakers Sep 3, 2008
    1 reply
  • hard disk noisy Closed

    Hello, since yesterday i have been encounting some problems with my hard disk it keeps making some noise inside and then doesnt work at all. i brou...

    hondahrv | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: brakers Sep 3, 2008
    1 reply
  • my usb flash drive had a problem no detect Closed


    albin | Hardware | Latest reply: roeecho Sep 3, 2008
    1 reply
  • moniter not displaying, but said it's working Closed

    Hello, one day i was on the comp and the moniter stop displaying,but say's it's working.so i tried the tower on another moniter that my other comp ...

    vinman | Hardware | Latest reply: vinman Sep 2, 2008
    1 reply