How to run PlayStation games on Windows with ePSXe

How to run PlayStation games on Windows with ePSXe

ePSXe (enhanced PSX emulator) is a PlayStation emulator available for Windows and Linux and is considered one of the best freeware Playstation emulators. Here we give you details about this incredibly well-designed and powerful Playstation emulator.

What is the ePSXe emulator?

Here are some major features of the ePSXe emulator:

  • Reliable emulator: You will be able to play almost any of the most famous PlayStation video games.
  • Optimized and accurate: ePSXe has a very high video game compatibility and has been designed to provide a fast and optimized experience.
  • Improved graphics: It includes support for optimized graphics using OpenGL. You will like to play your favorite video games with authentic image quality.
  • Multiplayer support: ePSXe allows you to play multiplayer modes for 1 to 4 players. It also includes a two-player mode option with a split-screen mode
  • Adaptive controls: ePSXe features virtual touchscreen pad support, hardware buttons mapping, and analog sticks. Thus, It allows you to adapt the original controls either by mapping them to the smartphone or tablet screen or by using any of the many physical controllers supported by the emulator (connected through USB or Bluetooth).
  • Cross-save: You will be able to use cheat codes and save states or memory cards with any Windows, Linux, or macOS versions.

You can download the ePSX Emulator from their website here.

What are the plugins?

  • GPU: GPU plugins will work with Direct3D, OpenGL, or the Glide API, and are available freeware or open-source.
  • SPU: The SPU plugins can emulate everything from music to sound effects, with varying degrees of success depending on the plugin settings, and of course, the plugin being used.
  • CD-ROM: ePSXe comes with a core CD-ROM plugin, but many others are available for freeware download and many can emulate up to seven different types of read modes.
  • Input: The core plugin is sufficient, but there are others that allow for more functionality, allowing you to use a DualShock controller with a USB adapter.