SIMS 3 launcher stopped working [Solved/Closed]

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I just purchased SIMS 3 for my daughter. The sw installed fine, but when she tries to start the game, she gets this msg "Sims 3 launcher has stopped working". I checked system requirements and meet them all: Dell Inspiron 5305 w/210GB free space, OS-Windows Vista Home Premium, Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20Ghz, Video Card Intel GMA3100 w/287MB (128mb sys video mem/159mb shard sys mem).
Can anyone please tell me what I could possibly do to correct this. My daughter had been looking forward to this game....TOP of CHRISTMAS LIST!!!! Please help. Thank you in advance for any assistance.
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Thank you
go to document\electronic arts\sims 3\dc cache and delete the missingdeps.idx
it works for me just fine
sims 3 plays normal after that (with cc and downs)

Thank you, timadak 701

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thank you very much it worked for me just fine!!
Thank u so much xxx
thanks now it works
Thanks it works flawlessly now xoxo
You are awesome... you saved my sanity!
Thank you
The launcher seems to be a problem for lots of people. If you just want to play the game and aren't worried about custom content then go to C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin (default install path) and run TS3.exe. This runs the game without the launcher and should get you in without the need of the launcher. If this fails try right clicking your shortcut and click run as admin. If the problem still occurs and you can't play the game then try a re-install. If that also fails then it would appear to be a hardware problem I'm afraid.
How do you run it without the launcher? Sorry im new to this. I played it alot and then I stopped playing it for a while. I played it again a week ago and when I tried to play it yesterday it said, "ERROR your base game is incompatible with the current sims 3 expansion pack. I had bought Ambitions and it worked fine until now. the launcher wont even load. I can't update it. I even tried what you said to do and it still won't work. Any suggestions???
if you play without a launcher will your stuff still be saved.
Thank you so much I tried everything but u solved it thanks again!
The game will not start without the launcher in any form
Thank you
Okay, mine did the same thing but I figured out what to do, RIGHT click the Icon on your computer, click open file location then when that comes up, go all the way down at the bottom of the list and click TS3 Application, and it will open and you can play the game, I still have not figured out how to open the launcher but I might sometime in the future...HOPE THIS HELPS!
I tried it but I don't have a program to open the TS3 Application with do you know what I need
u just neew to install the sims 3 then TS3 will work
have done all of the above solutions, nothing works
U r a life saver. I thought I was gonna buy new games. Thanx
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Thank you
I made an account just to thank you.. So Thank you so much! I kept searching the internet for a solution.. You realy helped me, thank you! iI really appreciate it.. Thank you
Thank you
The patches seem to be causing a few people problems. The best bet is to reinstall and play the game as stock and whenever you are asked to update simply click no or run it without the launcher