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    May 2023

    16 May
    • Elden Ring: how to locate and backup your game files

      Elden Ring is one of the most exciting and impressive new fantasy action games out there and is played by a lot of PC gamers. In order not to lose your points due to possible game crashes, it is recommended to save a backup copy of your progress. Here you will learn how to find where the Elden Ring save file is located.

    • Age of Wonders 4 guide: races, magic tomes, win conditions

      Released on May 2, Age of Wonders 4 topped the Steam store chart within days, beating out Star Wars Jedi Survivor and other games. Here we have collected the top chips and tipes for those who want to to conque the world of Athla in this new fantasy 4X-strategy game. By the way, it is also available in a free-to-play version, which gives a fairly good gaming experience.

    15 May
    • Lost Ark sailing: unlock, ships, upgrade, coins (2023)

      By unlocking Sailing in Lost Ark, you can surf the sea on a variety of ships, explore numerous islands with unique rewards and tasks. Here you will learn how to get into the sea world, get ships and sail in this exciting MMO-Action RPG.

    10 May
    9 May
    • Elden Ring crossplay: PS, Xbox, PC, multiplayer not working

      You love to explore the vastness of Lands Between on your PC, and would like to play with your friends, but they have game consoles. Here you will find out if this game allows full crossplay and also what you can do if the multiplayer is crashing.

    • Find Elden Ring wise turtles: Rise puzzle guide

      On your way to revealing the mystery of the Elden Ring, it will be very useful for you to get into the towers of Oridys's Rise, Testu's Rise and Chelona's Rise, which store valuable spells and Memory Stones. But access to these towers is impossible without finding and killing the three triplets of the Great Wise Turtles. Here you will find a helpful guide on how to find all blue beasts.

    4 May
    • Hogwarts Legacy getting started: best house, house test

      Hogwarts Legacy was released in February 2023 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and finally released on PS4 and Xbox One in May 2023. There will be even more witches and wizards joining in the Hogwarts experience. As a student starting their Hogwarts journey, one of the first things you will need to do in Hogwarts Legacy is decide which house you want to be in. Find out which is the best Hogwarts Legacy house for you!