Lost Ark sailing: unlock, ships, upgrade, coins (2023)

Lost Ark sailing: unlock, ships, upgrade, coins (2023)

By unlocking Sailing in Lost Ark, you can surf the sea on a variety of ships, explore numerous islands with unique rewards and tasks. Here you will learn how to get into the sea world, get ships and sail in this exciting MMO-Action RPG.

How to unlock sailing

While sailing in Lost Ark, you move across the ocean, controlling a ship, not a character. It's important to follow the main questline to unlock sailing. As you progress through the main questline and solve quest after quest, at a certain point you will reach the quest Set Sail! (at this point your player level will be around 40). You will find yourself in the port of Wavestrand, where you will have to take the side of one of the two teams of pirates in their fight against each other. Upon completion of the quest, you will gain access to the ship Estoque.

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How to sail in Lost Ark

When you have received this ship, you can go on a trip to the islands and ports (if the icon of the island shows two crossed swords, then this means that this island is a PVP island, and you can fight with other gamers on it). Approach the anchor icon next to the ship, and unmoor by clicking on the "Sail" button in the lower right corner.

To move by sea, use the same technique as for moving by land, by clicking on the places where you want to sail. To automatically continue moving in the direction you clicked, press "T" on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can use Autopilot to have the game guide you to the port you are interested in. To do this, click "Alt + left mouse button" on this port. Using the "M" key, you can open the world map and set an automatic route.

To dock your ship  on a large island, approach its port and press "Z", then press "Dock" in the lower right corner. To dock on a small island, swim up to it and left-click on the anchor icon next to it, or press "G". By clicking on the anchor icon next to the smaller island, you will appear on the island.

To use the treasure lifting, harpoon throwing and netting skills, press "Q, "W" or "E" respectively.

The skills bar shows the various skills, stats, and level of the ship.

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On this panel you have the following parameters:

  • The current strength of the ship. When it reaches 0, the ship sinks (the strength of a ship is consumed when it travels a certain distance, the reduction in durability increases when the ship is in dangerous waters).
  • The speed of the ship. When the ship is stationary, the counter shows 0.0 node.
  • Full stroke indicator. The scale fills up while the ship is moving; when it is full, you can press the spacebar to speed up the ship.
  • Hazardous water sensors. When entering dangerous waters, the scale gradually fills up. Under the sensor, you can also see information about the dangerous sea zone.
  • A buff or debuff gained while swimming.
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What ships can I sail?

You can select available ships (and crew) and change their characteristics only when you are in a port. After entering the port, open the List of available corrals. There are the following ships (some of them will be available only after you solve a certain number of quests and tasks in the ocean):

  • Astray (base speed 22.0, universal resistance)
  • Brahms (base speed 18.5, most resistant to Siren Seas)
  • Eybern's Wound (base speed 18.3, withstands Dead Water better than others)
  • Estoque (base speed 20.0, universal resistance)
  • Eurus (base speed 21.0 (most resistant to algae)
  • White Wind (base speed 19.0, most resistant to sandstorms)
  • Sturmbrecher (base speed 18.0, most resistant to Cold Snap Seas)
  • Tragon (base speed 18.0, most resistant to Tempest Seas).

Pirate coins in Lost Ark

If you manage to get a lot of Pirate Coins, you can use them to purchase a lot of items and upgrades. Vendors are located on the islands, there are also merchant ships at sea. Here's how to get pirate coins:

  • Complete island quests, including Adventure Islands.
  • Complete Una's quests.
  • Exchange other coins for pirate coins by encountering a merchant ship.

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