Elden Ring: how to locate and backup your game files

Elden Ring: how to locate and backup your game files

Elden Ring is one of the most exciting and impressive new fantasy action games out there and is played by a lot of PC gamers. In order not to lose your points due to possible game crashes, it is recommended to save a backup copy of your progress. Here you will learn how to find where the Elden Ring save file is located.

Unfortunately, the PC version of Elden Ring sometimes can crash, and in order not to lose your achievements in the game, it is important to backup your campaigns and, if necessary, quickly find where the save files of your game are located on your device (or on an external drive). Follow these steps to find your saved game files:

  • Go to File Explorer on your PC.
  • Select "This PC" and scroll until you find the following location: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing.
  • Get to this folder.
  • Most likely, the game files are in one of the hidden folders. To view them, activate the checkbox on the Hidden Items toolbar. Game save files have the .sl2 extension - you can easily find them.
  • So you've found your Elden Ring files, and now you can back them up. Copy them and save them somewhere else. We advise you to use an external hard drive for this. If something goes wrong with your computer, they will remain intact.

The game supports saving your game data in the Steam cloud, and you can continue to play on a different device. But in reality, sometimes it happens that your progress in the cloud is not saved correctly, and this data conflicts with the progress saved on your device, which can also lead to a problem. This is also the reason why it is very wise to back up your game after every session.

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