All you need to know about Wordle: hints, solutions, answers

All you need to know about Wordle: hints, solutions, answers

A simple word-guessing game has found its way to the hearts of hundreds of thousands of users. What is the secret of the popularity of the game, and what tricks do you need to master in order to guess words faster? You will find the answers to these questions in our guide.

What is Wordle?

Have you heard about Wordle? According to The New York Times, this game was played daily by over 300,000 people. Wordle is a daily word game where you must guess a five-letter word. You must submit your versions of the word, and you only have six attempts. Every day, only one word is given, which all players try to guess. The next day, the game will offer you a new word, and you can try guessing again.

How to play Wordle

Getting access to the game can be done in a couple of clicks. You just go to its page on the games section of the newspaper and start guessing the word of the day (there is also an offline version of Wordle that allows users to play every day until the list of 2315 Wordle answers runs out in October 2027).

Wordle's interface is minimalistic. You only see your attempts and a virtual keyboard to help you find out if you guessed the letter in the word. After you enter each version of the word, the correct letter in the correct place is displayed in green. The correct letter in the wrong place is displayed in yellow. And the letter, which is not in the word, is painted in gray. You can enter a total of 6 words. Thus, by learning about which letters are in the riddle word and in what place, and which letters are not in the word, you can move on, choosing your options. And here, a lot depends on your erudition and vocabulary, so and on... good luck.

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Who created Wordle?

Wordle was created by developer Josh Wardle. This game was not his first foray into online gaming. Previously he developed experimental online games Button and Place (both on the social platform Reddit), which were social experiments studying people's online behavior. However, Wordle appeared as a personal gift. Wardle created it for his partner and released it to the general public sometime later, in October 2021. In December same year, he added the ability to export game results to Twitter, after which more and more users began to learn about Wordle. The game gained unprecedented popularity reaching over two million daily players worldwide. 

In January 2022, The New York Times purchased the game for a hitherto undisclosed seven-figure sum. The publication moved it to its website in February 2022 but left it free of charge and made no changes. The option to share the results on other social platforms was added. Today, the number of players is declining, as it is no longer a novelty, but the game still attracts about 3 million users. Many Wordle clones appeared, including Worldle, Squabble, Dordle, that interpret the principle of the game in different ways, but none of them could become as successful.

Has The New York Times changed anything?

Nothing has changed about the gameplay, according to The New York Times. Although, The New York Times has hired a full-time editor to manage Wordle and make the word list more curated and organized.

Buying the game by The New York Times seems logical. Of course, everyone is attracted by its simplicity, minimalism and slowness. Not only does the game fit well with the aesthetics of the newspaper (it's like you become a typesetter making a fresh issue of the newspaper), but in general, it reflects people's longing for simple and slow things, which comes from the fatigue of technologized and visually overloaded virtual reality. The game seems to be inviting us back to the analog world: when playing this game, you can take a pencil and paper, draw crossword squares and write word options. And no matter how much you want to rush and get more out of the game than it offers today, it will not work! It's out of your control and just wait for tomorrow.

Also, the details that make this game interesting are that there's only one puzzle per day and you only get one shot to guess the word. If you haven't guessed it, you have to wait until the next day to try again. It has a certain conviviality: everyone is trying to guess one word. Players can share results in a funny and discrete way.

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Tips and tricks for guessing a word in Wordle

  • Experienced game players are advised to start selecting options with a word containing two capital letters and three vowels. These should be different, non-repeating letters. 
  • Remember that the same letter can appear twice in the same word. There are many possibilities for creating guessing algorithms. On the Internet, you can also find many 'answer finder' sites with tips on how to find the word of the day. However, in our opinion, it is more interesting and exciting to guess words without the help of others. Use not only logic but also intuition.
  • After each round, you can check your progress through the game by checking with the WordleBot. It will point you to other more effective word options that could be suggested to find the key to the puzzle quickly, and also it'll give statistics on a variety of answers made by other players.
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As mentioned above, you can also share your gaming experience on social networks and messengers like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. In this case, the word and letters you chose will be hidden, and only grey, yellow, and green squares will be shown, showing your progress in guessing the word.

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How to play in 'hard mode'

'Hard Mode' is a setting you can activate to make your gameplay more comfortable. Yes, paradoxically, it will make things easier for you, not harder! If you enter a wrong word that does not account for previous hints, a pop-up notification will appear about your mistake. Thus, before you confirm your choice with the Enter key, you will be warned and able to change your word choice.

To activate 'hard mode,' click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You will see a switch with which you can put the game into this mode.

How to download the game? Can I play offline?

If you want to learn more about installing the game on your device, go to our Wordle game download.

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