How to take 3D photos: on Android, iPhone

How to take 3D photos: on Android, iPhone

Nowadays, taking 3D pictures from your cell phone is easier than you could have ever imagined possible. With the help of special apps, you can transform your 2D photo into a 3D image and capture all the details of the image. In this article, we explain to you how to take 3D photos and generate them from the photos in your gallery.


That's right! The app of one of the most popular social networks allows you to convert the photos in your gallery (2D) into 3D pictures. To do this, create a publication as you normally do. Whether you take a photo from the Facebook app or add one from your gallery, you'll see the Make 3D option at the top. Click on it and you'll see your photo processed. You only have to tilt your phone to perceive the depth of your image in 3D.

You can download Facebook for Android here and here for iPhone.


This app allows you to take 3D photos and convert the images in your gallery into 3D images by rendering them with an artificial intelligence tool to give you a sense of depth when you move or tilt your cell phone. After granting access to your gallery and camera, click on the camera icon at the bottom and then do it again at the top left. Take the photo, and it will be processed in 3D. You can also choose an existing one on your cell phone and tap on Generate 3D Photo. If you wish, applying filters and frames in 3D is also possible. You can share your photos with the LucidPix community or in applications that support 3D images, such as Facebook. The other option is to save them as a 3D video or 3D GIF to share them on other social networks.

You can download LucidPix for Android and iOS.


After giving PopPic permission to access your camera and photo gallery, click on the Camera button at the bottom of the screen to take the photo directly from the app or tap on Photos and choose the image you want to convert into a 3D photo. Then, it's just a matter of tilting your phone to capture the depth of the photo and then, you'll be able to apply filters if you wish. By touching the Share button at the bottom right, you have the possibility to publish it on Facebook and other 3D compatible social networks or as a video on other non-compatible platforms.

PopPic is only available for iOS. You can download it here.

Tips for taking 3D photos with your cell phone

Considering that when you take pictures with your cell phone you do not have enough lenses to capture all the angles, the artificial intelligence is limited in accurately reconstructing the depth. Therefore, for best results, it is recommended that you take your photos on a single-color background and place objects or people in the center of the image and away from the background in order to preserve the depth. This way, AI tools will have less information to complete and will be more efficient.

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