What is Kick: how it works, earnings, Kick vs Twitch

What is Kick: how it works, earnings, Kick vs Twitch

Kick is a new streaming platform that promises its content creators a new monetization system and positions itself as the main competition for Twitch. In this article we look at how it works and how it compares to other streaming platforms.

What is Kick?

Kick is a totally new streaming platform that is already in beta phase (first version of software, whose objective is to detect possible improvements or errors) and that comes to shake the foundations of the Twitch throne.

While it is not known for certain at this time who owns Kick, there are indications that the project is backed by Stake.com, a crypto gambling site. The creation of Kick could have been the response to the ban on gambling by the Amazon-owned platform. Twitch's restrictive policies could have lost millions of dollars in traffic and visits to this online slot company.

Stake.com has not yet ruled on his possible paternity, but suspicions grow after learning that Stake was one of Trainwreck's main sponsors on Twitch, before gambling was banned on the platform.

Kick's story was shrouded in controversy from the start. In February 2023, one of its users broadcast the Super Bowl game in real time without the corresponding permission. The platform that day surpassed its audience record reaching a peak of 100 thousand viewers at the same time and there was no penalty from Kick. The company is also one of the official sponsors of the Alfa Romeo Formula One team and they have an official channel where they broadcast their driving tests.

But if the interface and features are pretty much the same as Twitch, what sets Kick apart from its top contender? The answer to that question is simple, what makes Kick a tempting alternative, especially for streamers, is its monetization and how streamers are paid. Below we tell you in detail what it is about.

How does Kick work?

Although the platform is still in beta, users can already access it through Kick.com. For those wondering what the platform is about, it is another streaming website. The platform shares several similarities with Twitch, among which stands out the interface that is practically identical. As you can see, Kick's interface includes the typical "recommended" section on the left of the screen and categories that are divided into different streaming subsections, such as "Just Chatting", "Slots & Casino" and games like Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, and Overwatch 2, among several others.

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How to create an account on Kick?

  1. Go to the Kick website and click Sign Up in the top right corner.
  2. Enter your data and choose a username. You can also streamline the process by signing up with your Google or Apple account.
  3. To finish click Accept if you agree to the terms and conditions of Kick.com.
  4. You will now be able to customize your profile by clicking your profile icon (upper right corner) > Settings > Profile. There you can add your profile photo, banner, bio and links to your social networks.
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How to search for videos?

  • Categories: You can choose from Kick Recommendations, Featured Streams, Top Live Categories, and Top Live Groups. You can filter the videos by popularity.
  • Search engine: You find it at the top of the web page to refine your search on a particular topic or streamer.

How to subscribe to channels?

You can subscribe to the channel of your favorite streamers for $4.99 per month. You just need to go to the profile or live video of the channel that interests you, click on Subscribe > Subscribe: $4.99. Then confirm your payment method and click Confirm. If you want to cancel your subscription, just go to your profile icon > Subscriptions and select the one you want to cancel.

How much does Kick pay streamers?

Not long ago, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy announced some changes to the platform's monetization policy. Namely, from June 1, 2023, any streamer who earns more than $100,000 a month will go to a new commission scheme in which 50% of what is generated will go to Twitch. Previously, the profit policy was 30% for the company and 70% for the streamer. Needless to say, the streamers with the most followers were quick to cry out. The spokesperson for the disagreement was Twitch sensation Tyler "Trainwreckstv", who announced on December 6, 2022 that he was leaving Twitch to migrate, along with his more than 2,000,000 followers, to Kick. He also revealed that he was joining it as a non-exclusive streamer.

The split between Trainwreckstv and Twitch was to the world of streaming what the divorce of Shakira and Piqué was to the world of music: a whirlwind of discord that has left, to our great delight, a pile of rags in the sun. In a TwitLonger (basically a longer Twit), the Iranian-American gamer said he was leaving Twitch for Kick as the new platform brought 95% of the revenue generated by the streamer to the streamer, as well as 100% of the revenue generated by the streamer. tips that can be collected by the content creator the same day, without having to wait to receive the monthly payment. In addition, Kick claims to have a new and innovative exclusive program for streamers in which their income will not depend solely on their number of subscribers each month, but will charge a constant average based on the hours watched and the total number of viewers that attend the shows. transmissions. All this without mentioning more transparent and fair policies and conditions of services for creators.

Here are some snippets from Trainwreckstv's TwitLonger "Twitch's only role is to host the website. Given their contribution, it's absurd that they take 50% of our revenue... They say it's too expensive to run their website and "Those costs have to be passed on to the creators. However, platforms like Youtube maintain a 70/30 split on subscriptions with no problem. But I think 70/30 is still not enough, and we can do even better." "Twitch does almost no marketing to streamers, doesn't discover them, and does little to help them build their business. Those streamers only succeed because of the blood, sweat, and time they put in. Twitch's only role is to host sites website. Given their contribution, it's absurd that they take 50% of our income."

What other differences are there between Kick and Twitch?

In addition to its monetization policy, another big difference between the two platforms is that Kick has a section dedicated to gambling. For those of you unaware, Twitch has banned unlicensed gambling and slots websites, including stake.com. The decision came after a heated discussion among community members over the issue of gambling on Twitch.

Contrary to Twitch, Kick took a more lenient approach by allowing streamers to participate in gambling and slots. To make navigation easier, the site even has a section dedicated to gambling. For those who are not fans of gambling, they can consult other sections such as the "Bikini Hot Tub" section, which streams people who get into jacuzzis in Bikinis.

Short of having the crystal ball, it is impossible to know if Kick will be able to dethrone Twitch, the streaming giant. Other platforms like Mixer or Facebook Gaming have tried and perished along the way. Trainwreck has asked creators and fans to give Kick a year to grow and properly enforce its policies. It could join the plethora of online streaming platforms that offer its users a way of earning money from doing seemingly benign actions. 

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