Top new anime movies and TV shows: on Netflix, Disney+, etc.

Top new anime movies and TV shows: on Netflix, Disney+, etc.

If you're a fan of anime films and manga culture you'll be pleased to know that there is a wide range of films and shows in this genre on the various streaming platforms. Here is a selection of the newest series and movies available on Netflix, Disney+ or Hulu.

Chainsaw Man (TV Series)

Chainsaw Man is an animated version of a manga comic by Tatsuki Fujimoto that has been released in Japan since 2018 and has become very popular.

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The main character is a poor young man Denji who is killed by the Yakuza mafia because of his debts. After death, he miraculously resurrects with the ability to turn parts of his body into a chainsaw and, of course, will take revenge on the Yakuza. Meet the Chainsaw Man!

Available on Hulu and on Disney+.

Director: Ryu Nakayama. Year: 2022.

Alice in Borderland 2 (TV Series)

And here comes the highly anticipated second season of this Japanese survival drama. Arisu and Usagi continue to solve the mystery of the strange world of Borderland and must go through the face cards to move on and survive.

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Director: Shinsuke Sato. Year: 2022

Available on Netflix. Year: 2022.

Spy x Family (TV Series)

An anime television series based on the manga of the same name by Tatsuya Endo. We are taken to the fictional states of Westalis and Ostania. An undercover agent named "Twilight" is given a mission to gain trust with Donovan Desmond, the leader of the National Unity Party. To do this, he creates a fake family and enrolls his fake "daughter" Anya in the Academy of Eden, where Desmond's son studies. The plan is exacerbated by the kidnapping of Anya, and the story starts to take a dizzying turn....

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Available on Hulu and Disney+.

Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi. Year: 2022

Tekken Bloodline (TV Series)

Recently, series and films based on video games have become a whole trend. This new anime series is based on the game Tekken by Bandai Namco Entertainment, so you'll see a lot of fighting here. A young man Jin Kazama has to fight with the devil Ogre, who killed his mother. Jin's grandfather teaches him the secrets of martial arts, and Jin decides to enter a fighting tournament...

© Netflix

Available on Netflix

Directors: Katsuhiro Harada, Yoshikazu Miyao. Year: 2022

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by the Light is a 2021 Japanese animated fantasy film based on the Seven Deadly Sins manga written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki.  Cursed By Light is a team of fighters led by the "Dragon's Sin of Wrath" Meliodas. Years have passed since the end of the war, and Meliodas and Princess Elizabeth Liones go on a journey together. They attend the wedding of Harlequin "Sin of Sloth Grizzly" and Diane "Sin of the Serpent of Envy" and everything seems to be going great until they are suddenly attacked by "Second Fairy King" Dahlia and "Master Giant" Dubs. Who will win the new war?

© Netflix

Available on Netflix.

Director: Takayuki Hamana. Year: 2021

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

Finally, we got to a lyrical story where rivers of blood do not spill. In this comedic romance anime, we are transported to the rural outback of Japan. This is a story of love and adventure of Yui "Cherry" Sakura and Yuki, known as "Smile". Everyone has their own complexes (the boy can only speak with the help of writing haiku, and Yuki is ashamed of wearing braces), but they all these problems not interfere with their deep feeling.

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Year: 2021. Director: Kyohei Ishiguro

Violet Evergarden: the Movie

This anime film had a difficult fate, but as a result, the audience liked it and received several awards and nominations. Daisy will have to unravel the mystery of Violet Evergarden, her letters and love for Gilbert Bougainvillea. The film complements the plot of the series of the same name, which is also available on Netflix.

© Netflix

Director: Taichi Ishidate. Year: 2020.

Available on Netflix.

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