How to find movies and TV shows you may like?

How to find movies and TV shows you may like?

On occasion after watching a movie, you may want to watch something with similar aesthetics, themes and motifs. However, whilst video streaming services often suggest titles "you may like", they are not always related. Luckily, there is a new independent service called Cinetrii that has a more sophisticated algorithm with a deeper analysis that considers movie reviews from film critics and the original film selection. It is free, easy to use and truly brilliant! Read on to find out how it works

What is Cinetrii?

Cinetrii is a new movie service that provides you with information about movies that are similar to your favorite ones. You are likely familiar with how video services like Netflix or Amazon Prime work: you have watched a movie, and afterwards you are offered by similar ones in terms of genre, leading character or other, sometimes superficial, characteristics. Or, the service can also suggest a list of similar movies based on other people's preferences. This is not how Cinetrii works. Its algorithm makes a more deep analysis, based on film reviews, plot details, references to other works and possible influences and inspirations to the movie. This should help you easily find something curious for your next cinema night.

How to use Cinetrii?

Cinetrii interface is very simple and user-friendly. To find similar movies, you just have to type the title and after the search and analysis, the service will show you a diagram with films that correlate with the one you entered, the movies of the same director or film festival, movies that inspired or somehow influenced the one you entered.

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To see more about the suggested movies, you can just click on its icon and read its review. If you want, you can click on the link provided to read the whole film review.

In the top right corner you also have the option to choose whether you want to see older, newer or both movie selections.

Is Cinetrii free?

The service is completely free of charge.

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