Best series to binge watch: 2022, Netflix, HBO, Amazon, AMC

Best series to binge watch: 2022, Netflix, HBO, Amazon, AMC

Don't worry, the marathons that we about to propose don't require any physical activity, just a rather comfy chair and plenty of time to watch as many episodes as you can handle. Here is a selection of the best series to binge this year from Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime.

Breaking Bad

'Breaking Bad' is, without a doubt, an old acquaintance and an excellent choice when it comes to binge-watching. The story goes like this: After turning 50, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, learns that he has incurable lung cancer. Married to Skyler (Anna Gunn) and father to Walter Junior (RJ Mitte), the brutal news prompts him to make a drastic change in his life: he decides, with the help of a former student (Aaron Paul), to manufacture amphetamines and sell them. What he wants is to free his family from economic problems when the fatal outcome occurs. Previously available on Netflix, Breaking Bad has since moved to AMC Plus, the prequel: Better Call Saul is has also moved.

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Derry Girls

Derry Girls focuses on the lives of five teenagers from Derry, Northern Ireland, who study at a Catholic college for girls. The series takes place in the 1990s, towards the end of the Northern Ireland conflict. Police controls, bombs in pubs, paramilitary revenge and racism are just some of the themes that are reflected in the series. The protagonist is Erin Quinn, an ambitious and sarcastic young woman. The rest of the group consists of her cousin Orla, her friends Claire and Michelle, and the latter's English cousin, James. Erin lives in the same house with her parents, her maternal grandfather, her aunt, and her cousin. A true gem in the universe of series about teenagers!

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Sex Education

Sex Education is a British comedy-drama made for Netflix. The series follows Curtis, a teenage boy who's mother is a sex therapist, his classmates and the staff of their secondary school. It is more than its title suggests, while frequently sexuality is at the forefront of the show, it also explores how sex affects teenagers psychologically. It explores sexuality and desire in a respectful, non-judgemental manner and is an excellent series for teenager's and adult alike. Also, we forgot to mention that there is a strong 80's theme with the dress code and music!

Watch Sex Education on Netflix

Bojack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is an adult dark comedy drama that deals with the themes of anxiety, depression, discrimination, death, divorce, addiction, loneliness, single parenting and sexuality, to name a few. It stars Will Aren't as BoJack, Alison Brie as Diane, Aaron Paul as Todd, Paul F. Tompkins as Mr Peanut Butter, Amy Seders as Princess Carolyn. The series follows the struggles of BoJack and his relationships with those he is closest too, but keeps hurting, in the city of Hollywoo(d). 

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The gripping story of 'The Ozarks' revolves around Marty Bride, a financial advisor who life isn't as normal as it appears. Marty launders the money of one of the most important drug cartels in Mexico. Due to an unexpected conflict, the financial advisor has to take his wife and two children from Chicago to the dark city of 'Ozark', in Missouri, which holds many more secrets than the family expected. The cast is made up of Jason Bateman, Laura Linney and the great Julia Garner.

Watch Ozark on Netflix

Eastbound and Down

Starring Danny McBridge as Kenny Powers, a washed up baseball player who returns to his hometown after a downturn in the major leagues. He takes up the roll of substitute physical education teacher at the local middle school. He spends most his time trying to make a comeback, writing the wrongs on his past.  This sports comedy is one of the funniest shows that HBO has made and all of its 6 seasons are ready to binge.

Watch Eastbound and Down on HBO

Good Omens

Good Omens more than successfully combines comedy and fantasy. The story is set when the Apocalypse and the Final Judgment are drawing near to destroy humanity. The armies of Good and Evil are uniting, Atlantis is resurfacing, it's raining toads, and tempers are high. Everything seems on the way to destruction; however, the angel Aziraphale and a demon named Crowley, who have lived among the simple mortals of the Earth and have lived together like them, come together to find the antichrist and stop the Apocalypse.

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Although with 'Fleabag' we could say that we are running a half marathon due to its scarce two seasons, we already know that what matters is quality and not quantity! And boy does this saying apply to this English series that swept the Emmy Awards in 2019! The extremely talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge is behind the writing, directing and acting of Fleabag. The series follows a thirty-year-old woman ,Fleabag, who has no filter, frequently breaks the fourth wall, and is trying to navigate life and love in London.

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