Top TV shows' Christmas and Holiday episodes of all time: on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO

Top TV shows' Christmas and Holiday episodes of all time: on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO

The Holiday Armadillo, Bart Simpson burning the Christmas tree and many more funny and sometimes dramatic Christmas episodes of our all-time favorite series in this listing. Get comfortable, turn on your Christmas tree lights, watch or rewatch these holiday season episodes of your favorite series and enjoy, you've earned it!

The Office: "Christmas Party"

Season 2, Episode 10

Secret Santa and gift exchange party at the office turns into complete chaos – Yankee Swap. Re-watch it right before your Secret Santa party with colleagues to get some inspiration: a teapot with souvenirs might not be such a bad idea. Watch "The Office" on Netflix.

Doctor Who: "A Christmas Carol"

Season 6, Episode 0

All your favorite Christmas movies, images and ideas all together: with monsters, honeymoons, happy endings, some snow, love, and Doctor Who, of course. Watch "Doctor Who" on HBO Max.

Downton Abbey: "Christmas at Downton Abbey"

Season 2, Episode 5

Christmas in 1919 – a lavish party at Downton Abbey, but the tension is still increasing despite all the festivities. A beautiful episode to rewatch. Watch "Downton Abbey" on Amazon Prime.

Friends: The One With the Holiday Armadillo

Season 7, Episode 10

The Friends iconic Christmas Episode with Ross as the Holiday Armadillo trying to introduce Ben to Hanukkah is one of the funniest ones and absolutely worth re-watching before Christmas. Plus, you can get some cool cosplay ideas for the upcoming holidays! Watch "Friends" on Netflix.

Mad Men, "Christmas Comes But Once A Year"

Season 4, Episode 2

The Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Christmas party is quickly organized because of the major Lucky Strike client, Lee Garner, Jr., who invites himself to the event. Mid-century decorations, Roger Sterling as Santa and all the perks of celebrating holidays in the 50's are included. Watch "Mad Men" on Amazon Prime.

Ted Lasso: "Carol of the Bells"

Season 2, Episode 4

Ted starts the episode with some holiday spleen, however, when Rebecca shows up at his door asking him to help spread the holiday joy, things get way better! This episode is definitely worth watching if the upcoming holidays are making you sad. Watch "Ted Lasso" on Apple TV.

American Horror Story: Asylum, "Unholy Night"

Season 2, Episode 8

A murderous Santa in asylum, sister Jude trying to help Mary Eunice to get rid of the devil’s possession by killing her and some other very “Christmassy” details are something to watch if you are a real fan of the American Horror Story series and not so much fond of all the festivities (if you are the Grinch, let’s say). Watch "American Horror Story" on Hulu.

Scrubs, "My Own Personal Jesus”

Season 1, Episode 11

It’s Christmas time and nothing seems to go right. JD prepares to announce bad news to the patient’s family and then sees a Christmas miracle. Dr. Cox asks J.D. to film his friend’s baby’s birth, and Elliot is looking for a pregnant girl she helped. Classic holiday chaos plus an episode of Scrubs is already a good evening. Watch "Scrubs" on Amazon Prime.

The Simpsons, "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace”

Season 9, Episode 10

Bart Simpson accidentally burns the Christmas tree and all the presents beneath it. He then claims that it was robbery so the town gets them a new one and $15000 to support the family holiday mood. Watch "The Simpsons" on Disney Plus.

Black Mirror, "White Christmas”

Season 2, Episode 4

A festive but dark drama like all of the Black Mirrors mini dystopian films. Joe Potter and Matt Trent (Rafe Spall and Jon Hamm) celebrate Christmas together at the snowy winter remote outpost. They end up discussing sci-fi, futuristic technological regulations, and life in general which seems quite crazy nowadays. However, it’s a curious “noir” watch if you feel a little bit blue. Watch "Black Mirror" on Netflix.

Mr. Bean – Merry Christmas Mr. Bean

Episode 7

Holidays without Mr. Bean? Impossible. Funny Nativity scene, present selection, turkey moment and everything about the classic Mr. Bean series is hilarious. It’s an excellent way to get away from the tiring year and cheer up right before Christmas! Watch "Mr. Bean" on Hulu.

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