Watch UFC online for free: websites, apps

Watch UFC online for free: websites, apps

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has exploded in recent years, with millions of fans now tuning in worldwide. No matter where you live, you will find a website or an app to match all the UFC events you want for free. Here we provide you with a list of reliable websites and apps.

How to watch UFC online on websites?


WatchWrestling24 is a popular sports streaming site specifically for wrestling and fighting competitions, including UFC. Here, you can find former UCF PPV (Pay Per View) broadcasts and events from UFC Fight Night, Bellator MMA, and The Ultimate Fighter.

BG Sports

BT Sports is a well-known site for streaming UFC fights. In addition, to live streaming, the site hosts many previous fights that you can watch in full or only simply catch the highlights. Users can also find UFC social media posts, news, and interviews with top fighters all on the site.

Other websites

There are a few more websites where you can watch UFC for free online; among them, we recommend RedStreams, and SportLemon.

How to watch UFC online on mobile apps?

If you want to watch UFC from your cell phone or tablet, a few apps will let you enjoy UFC anywhere and anytime.


SopCast is a popular app for streaming content online via peer-to-peer sharing. Users can create channels and stream content of their choice. Many channels are themed to find many top UCF, NBA, and NFK matches available.


Wiseplay is a multimedia player that allows you to browse all kinds of online content, including sports competitions such as UFC. Simply follow playlists to find UFC fights or other specific content you hope to target. It's very intuitive and has an easy-to-use interface.

UFC Fight Pass

The UFC Fight Pass is the official UFC platform. If you don't mind paying for premium access for your favorite sport, use this app to access top-quality content! You can also access real-time updates on recent matches. In addition, access a backlog of older fights and related UFC news.

Alternative apps

If you're looking to stream sports content online, there's no shortage of apps to try. We suggest some of the other applications include Splive TV and RojaDirecta, the RedDirecta mobile app version.

How to bet on sports online?

Also important to mention are betting houses, which allow you to view live UFC fights. Bwin is among the most popular online betting houses. Here you can find and place bets on UFC events. But as with most betting houses, you will need to place a bet on a specific fight to access the viewing. If you're ready to take a bet, you can also check out 888 Sport and Betfair.

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