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Do you have to send huge files via Internet? There is no room for panicking; WinRAR is there to help you for that definite job.

Key features

The software can contain larger files due to its data reducing and compressing system up to 15%. Also, it can save longer file names or other files like ARJ, ZIP, LZH, CAB and ACE extensions. WinRAR can be a safe way to store important data that you will have access by answering simple questions on the dialog box. Consequently, you can have a look on them each time it is necessary. WinRAR can make your files in many smaller parts so that they would be easy to handle during email exchanges. So, the files become lighter and easier to attach without changing their contents. This software will restore your initial file volume in case you need this especially for internet downloading or attachments through e-mail. By doing that, you can make your own archive based from these data gotten from the internet. To protect your data from intruders, with WinRAR, it is possible to create your own password so that the access would be reserved for selected persons..


WinRAR is a shareware that will make your email attachments easier to send and allow you to store interesting and personal files in a safe place.


Alternative spelling: wrar511.exe