How to adjust mouse hover sensitivity (in Office 2010 or Window)

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The Registry contains (at least two) changeable parameters to control what happens when the mouse hovers above/near an item on the screen, even when it is to be clicked.

I have been using Windows 7 Pro for many years now with acceptable values. Recent Windows updates seem to have changed the values of such parameters without any action on my part.

Now, when I use a drop-down menu in Excel, the menu very often disappears before I can actually get the mouse to the optionI want to click on.

How can I adjust the MouseHover Height or Delay (or other relevant parameters) to give myself far more time to get to the clicking position?
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Perhaps, the program was released in 2009, with 2009 standards in mind. Now the hardware calcs MUCH faster, so the CLOCK is off. Upgrade to a newer version, or try to run as a lower OS!

There is no "setting" to set in registry. If there is, I strongly suggest against it if you are referring to this site and hacking at your registry!

hershmab 2Posts Thursday August 31, 2017Registration date September 3, 2017 Last seen - Sep 3, 2017 at 03:10 PM
Thanks for your help.
I am actually running Office 2010 x/32 (not 2007 as I said) - under Windows 7 x/64. Which of the two (Office or Windows) is likely to be responsible for my problem and might need updating/upgrading?

My PC dates from 2010 but its C:drive was changed from a hard disk to an SSD about 7 months ago. I doubt if that is the cause of the problem which has only arisen in the last few days.
All the Office updates installed since the change refer to Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010. All Microsoft-offered Windows updates have also been installed.
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