Excel external data connection not working properly [Solved]

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I made a connection between two workbooks where there is a master workbook and non-master workbook that uses the master as an external source and grabs a few columns from the master, but for some reason there are two columns that are not being copied over correctly. The columns show up in the non-master workbook, but the data entered in them are not showing up. The data only pops up if the second row of the columns have data entered into it. The two columns have drop-down lists, but so do other columns that are copying over with no problem. Does anyone know why that is happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

plus moins
Figured this out. It was either a glitch or something in excel that wouldn't let me insert columns between other columns in a table. I had to delete the two columns that didn't work and add new columns at the end of the table. Then cut and insert those new columns where I needed them to be. Redo the tables and what not and reconnect the two workbooks. A bit confusing, but it works now.
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