He sent an artificial intelligence bot to look for his future wife

He sent an artificial intelligence bot  to look for his future wife

AI models are being used for a variety of purposes, which is causing a lot of controversy. Here's the story of how one enterprising young man harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to solve the problem of finding an ideal partner.

A year ago, Alexander Zhadan, a student at one of the universities in Moscow, Russia, wrote his master's thesis on corporate management using ChatGPT and got it approved, causing a big scandal in the media and academia. He compiled the text within 24 hours, inserting various prompts into the web version of the OpenAI service.  According to Alexander, he wrote the theoretical part of his work using a chatbot, and when creating the practical part, he turned to ChatGPT for help in editing the material that he himself collected. "Here is the text, rewrite it differently, enlarge something, add quotes," this is how Alexander described the working process in his account in X, where he appears under the nickname biblikz.

Someone complained to the university about him, and the story received media coverage. Alexander was on the verge of a shameful failure. But suddenly the university found that 82% of Alexander's diploma was original and on this basis awarded him the title of Master. In his defense, the student also said that he deliberately wanted to conduct an experiment and see if AI could be useful for optimising the work on a thesis.

However, Alexander did not stop there and a year later he directed his experiments into a completely different area - dating and finding a partner to marry. He developed a bot based on OpenAI models that can chat in a dating app. First, the bot pre-selected Tinder accounts of potential partners using a number of filters, such as profession, zodiac sign, and the like. To select from photographs, Alexander set up a filter using the Torchvision tool from the machine learning framework PyTorch, based on 4 thousand of his own swipes on another dating platform. He also retrained ChatGPT based on his dialogues on social networks, so that the bot would write the same way as he did, and set up a filter so that nothing unnecessary was said in the chats. 

According to Alexander, over the course of a year, the neural network interacted with 5,239 girls, swiped right on 353 profiles, created 278 tags, and continued chatting with 160, after which it selected a shortlist of 12 candidates with whom the owner of the chatbot personally met. "I proposed marriage to a girl with whom ChatGPT communicated for me for a year," Alexander shared. He also claims that several of the girls on the list have become his good friends.

Alexander uploaded all the data about the girl into ChatGPT, including dialogues with her, in order to develop several plans for a marriage proposal. "I was pounding with emotion. I was very afraid that something might go wrong. Then I acted exactly according to plan No. 3 and proposed to marry me. She said yes," wrote Alexander.

The wedding of Alexander and Karin is planned for August 2024. It is not yet known whether the AI is creating a wedding ceremony plan.