Here's an app that will help you avoid road accidents

Here's an app that will help you avoid road accidents

With the Waze navigation app, choosing the best route becomes easier thanks to artificial intelligence.

Surely you have sat in your car more than once and for a long time could not decide which of the possible routes to take? After all, this choice is not always obvious, and unforeseen incidents can happen on any of the roads. According to Google, accidents are the eighth leading cause of death in the world, and insufficient information about a particular highway and its dangerous sections is a common cause of accidents, especially among less experienced drivers. And imagine that your navigation application not only informs you in real time about accidents that have occurred in the recent minutes or hours, but also notifies you of crash-prone roads thus providing you with valuable information for choosing the least dangerous and congested highway?

Now there is such an application. Waze, which along with Google Maps is owned by technological giant Google, is a GPS navigation app we love for its ability to provide real-time information about traffic jams, accidents, road hazards, speed cameras, and more. Introduced a few weeks ago, a new feature of Waze, called Crash History Alerts, tells you how dangerous the road you're about to drive on is. This was made possible thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, which analyzes previous drivers reports and calculates the likelihood of accidents on the section of road on which you intend to drive.

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The accidents history is created based on information received from app's users. According to Waze, every two seconds a user reports an accident, so the application has a fairly large database of accidents on different roads and highways. This data is processed by the application's smart algorithm and the AI gives you the potential danger level of each section of your route. 

"Thanks to AI and reports from the Waze community, crash history alerts combine historical crash data and key information about your route - such as its typical traffic levels, whether it's a highway or local road, elevation, and more," this is how this function is described in the official blog of the Waze application. If your route includes dangerous sections where accidents occur frequently, the app will show you a warning in advance before you reach a dangerous turn or descent. But on roads that drivers travel frequently and therefore already know well, the app minimizes the number of warnings so as not to distract drivers from driving.