AI online tools that embody your ideas in pictures (2023)

AI online tools that embody your ideas in pictures (2023)

We are living through a true revolution in the field of artificial intelligence, and almost every day new tools are emerging for creating visual content from text, photographs of people and other sources. Here we have collected several artificial intelligence websites that draw for free based on your ideas.

Craiyon (formerly DALL-E Mini)

Craiyon (formerly called Dalle-E Mini) is one of the first tools for creating artistic images from text or words, which caused quite a stir on the Internet.

Write a word or a complete phrase in the search bar, and this service will generate images for any of your requests, so you can give free rein to your imagination. Just write in the search bar what you want to see, and in a few seconds you will receive a drawing. Below you can see the result of our request: a dog driving a car:

© Craiyon

Dream by Wombo

It's a fairly easy to use tool and it doesn't require registration. It works like other art generators - go to the site, type in the search field what you want the AI to draw and select a visual style (there are over fifty of them, and some are free to use, such as Fantasy, Mystical, "Psychic" or "Darkness").

You will see your result, you can enlarge it and download it as an image or as a background for your mobile phone. With the premium version of this tool, you can apply more options, access all available styles, and download the results in video format. Dream by Wombo is also available for Android and iOS. Below is the result of our query about dinosaur drinking tea:

© Dream by Wombo


DALL-E 2 is a tool developed by OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT. To use this tool, you must create an account on the OpenAI website and provide your personal information, including your email address and phone number to verify your account.

DALL-E 2 generates, based on your request, images in which you will see the situation, element or person you request. In addition, the program offers you various options, so you can choose the one that interests you the most and in which you can request new changes. The tool saves your search history so you can see the evolution of your designs. Below you can see what it offers you if you write "Worst nightmare is loneliness oil painting":

© OpenAI


This is where we move on to smarter tools. DALL-E 3 offers a significant improvement over its predecessor, providing greater accuracy in creating images according to the descriptions provided in the tooltips. In addition, this version can capture relationships between objects and create photorealistic details of a person. DALL-E 3 produces sharper, more realistic and detailed images than DALL-E 2. DALL-E 3 is available to paid OpenAI users, but you can also use it for free through Bing Chat.

© OpenAI


Midjourney has become one of the most popular AI art generators. To use this tool, you must create an account on Discord, enter a channel called newbie, and ask the bot to generate the image you want, preceded by the /imagine command.

After about a minute, the bot will generate four slightly different images of the same concept, which you can then download at up to 1792 x 1024 pixels. To get them, simply click on the numbered buttons below - (U) for higher scales or (V) for variations -. The downside is that this program becomes paid after the free trial period. Find out more about using this in our dedicated guide. Below you can see the result when the AI was asked to draw a two-year-old boy receiving a Spider-Man suit for his birthday:

© Midjourney

Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is an image creator powered by Microsoft's Bing AI system. Created on the basis of DALL-E 3, it also creates drawings based on your text. To use this tool, you need to have a Microsoft account. Then you simply enter any text description, click on the Create button and get an image.

© Microsoft

Stable Diffusion Online

Stable Diffusion Online can create realistic images from any text in just a few seconds and for free. It has the advantage of being licensed under a CreativeML Open RAIL-M license, which means the authors do not claim any rights to the images you create. Therefore, you have the right to use them, but you are also responsible for their use. Here you can see what the robot bee will look like as interpreted by Stable Diffusion Online:

© Stable Diffusion Online

Ideogram AI

Many artificial intelligence tools that generate images have trouble inserting words into images. Ideogram AI allows you to add text to the generated images. To use this AI tool, simply need write a command or prompt describing what you want in the image, and then enter, in quotes, the word or text you want to see in the image. 

© Ideogram AI offers you a user-friendly interface that will guide you through drawing step by step, even if you are not an expert in graphic design or programming. Plus, you'll get 250 free credits when you sign up, but you'll have to sign up for a subscription when you run out.


Are there other AI image creation services?

Almost every day new programs appear that generate images using artificial intelligence. If you want to keep trying new tools, you can try drawing with hotpot, Cre8tiveai, Deep Dream Generator, NightCafe, Shutterstock, DeepAI,, Jasper Art, Prodia and other art bots.