LinkedIn Learning: courses, cost, certificates

LinkedIn Learning: courses, cost, certificates

Online courses became a new trend for learning new skills, professional development and personal self-improvement. One of the best platforms for online learning is LinkedIn Learning, where you can remarkably improve your level in creative, business or software knowledge. In this article, you will discover what LinkedIn Learning is and how it works.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that hosts one of the best online-learning resources and a network of LinkedIn professionals. It has more than 15 thousand courses available in different languages from industry experts and top professionals.

LinkedIn Learning appeared thanks to one of the first MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses platforms – founded in 1995 in the US by a professor Lynda Weinman. At first, the platform was created as online reading and class support, but in 2002 started to offer various online courses and by 2013, it was very successful and well known. Two years later LinkedIn bought the platform and now it is called LinkedIn Learning.

Storytelling, project management, graphic design, web development, big data analysis and many more software, creative and business courses are available on LinkedIn Learning. Courses are intuitive and personalised so the process is both involving and inspiring. Courses are conducted via video lectures with homework and projects, and after finishing them, you are awarded a certificate that can be added to your CV to make it even more appealing.

How to use LinkedIn Learning?

To start learning with LinkedIn Learning, go to its official website and browse the courses available under the tab Courses. The subscription costs $29.99 per month, however, you can use a free trial version for the first month to get to know the platform and make a decision whether you want to continue or not.

There is also LinkedIn Learning for Teams available that you can get for your whole team of colleagues to improve some essential skills for your company. To find the most suitable learning option for your team, you can submit an application on LinkedIn Learning and have a personalised consultation on this matter.

What are the best courses on LinkedIn Learning?

There are more than 15 thousand different courses available on LinkedIn Learning today. You can easily find one that is indispensable or relevant to you by browsing Courses on the LinkedIn Learning official website. Here is a list of the courses the most appreciated by students this year:

  • Become a Project Manager course lasts for 35 hours and gives you an idea of basic skills on how to manage project’ budgets, team, stakeholders and risks. It is perfect for a newbie in the management field.
  • Become a Business Analyst is an introduction to the profession with some important insights on leadership, communication strategies and business process modelling and analysis.
  • Python for Data Science is the most popular course on how to code with Python language, clean and transform raw data, generate visualisations and graphs and perform simple data analysis. Essential knowledge for future Python developers.
  • Java Script Essential Training is a course for those interested in working with data, JavaScript and DOM.
  • Networking Foundations: Networking Basics is a great course for future IT professionals]. You learn what the difference is between LANs, WLANS, and PANs, discover protocols and compare OSI and TCP/IP models.
  • Online Marketing Foundations is a short course that gives you an introduction to marketing. You will learn how to build an effective marketing campaign, create a successful brand strategy, analyse a company's strengths and weaknesses and how to make the most out of it.
  • Time Management Fundamentals is a 2-hour «survival» course in which you can learn the essential skill of how to manage your time, divide tasks and keep up with everything without being permanently stressed.
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