How to add your name pronunciation on LinkedIn

How to add your name pronunciation on LinkedIn

To ease the first contact with other users, whether in a virtual meeting, a phone call, or a face-to-face encounter, LinkedIn allows you to record audio so that others know how to pronounce your first and last name. This way, you can make a good first impression and learn how to pronounce other network members' names. Read on to find out how to add your name pronunciation to LinkedIn.

How to download the LinkedIn app?

To record the pronunciation of your name and add it to your LinkedIn profile, you need to download and install the app for Android or iOS, as this feature is only available on mobile applications. However, it is worth mentioning that the audio is accessible from the desktop version of the platform.

How to add your name pronunciation to your profile?

1) log in to your LinkedIn account and select your profile photo icon in the upper left corner.

2) On the side menu, click on View Profile.

3) Next, you may see the message Add name pronunciation, if so, click there. If you don’t see this option, click on the editing pencil icon next to your profile picture and tap on the option + Add name pronunciation. Give LinkedIn permission to access your microphone.

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4) In the bottom window that appears, click and hold the microphone icon while you record your first and last name. Keep in mind that you have 10 seconds maximum.

5) When you are done, you can listen to the audio clip by touching the blue play button. If you don’t like the recording, you can redo it again by selecting Repeat > Replace.

6) At the bottom, choose who can hear the pronunciation of your name. You have two options: All LinkedIn members or your 1st-degree connections only, i.e. the people you have added to your contact list on the social network. (To find out what the degrees of connection mean, follow this link).

7) Then touch the Request button to approve your recording and select Save to apply the changes and finish.

8) You're done! Your profile will now have an audio icon next to your name indicating that the name pronunciation is available.

This icon will help you know if someone else has also recorded his or her name on their profile and you only have to touch it to hear their name being pronounced.

How to edit or remove the pronunciation of your name?

1) Go to your profile and select the editing pencil next to your photo.

2) Then touch the pencil next to Your audio recording.

3) To replace the audio clip, select Record another pronunciation and proceed as explained above from step 4. If you prefer to remove the audio from your profile, click on Remove name pronunciation.

What are other practical tips?

  • Avoid background noise during the recording.
  • Speak slowly and pronounce each syllable of your name clearly.
  • It is recommended that you keep your cell phone about 10 cm away while recording the audio clip.
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