Change Oracle database password: command line

Change Oracle database password: command line

It is important to recover your lost password on the Oracle database, as not having it would hamper your productivity and block your access to the database, resulting in security issues.

To recover or change a password in Oracle, simply connect under command line mode on the server:

#sqlplus /nolog     
SQL>conn / as sysdba     
SQL>alter user Username identified by PASSWORD;

To reset your password from the Oracle database, the process is a bit different. Your password file should be under <orahome>\database\PWD<SID>.ora.

Delete it and run the Oracle password utility from the command prompt:

c\:Oracle\ora92\database>ORAPWD file=PWD<SID>.ora password={password} entries={however many}.

The <password> is your new sys password. After you log in as sys, you can change it and create new passwords for the system.

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