How to restore a Gateway computer to factory settings

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have a gateway computer thats filled with spyware. no pop up killer gets rid of it. cant restore using the system restore cause it doesnt work. I cant remember how to factory restore our Gateway computer. Any one know how to???

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The way to restore Gateways is to hold down the ALT Key and repeatedly hitting f10 then it should bring you to a boot sequence screen then choose the HDD.

Then hold down ALT and repeatedly hit f10 again that should prompt the restore feature for gateway.

If that doesnt work the only way to do it is to boot into windows and run the eRecovery program : Start / Gateway / Gateway Restoration Management.
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Uh, at the bottom are two options:
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I'm getting the exact same screen after Alt F10. Any ideas? Anyone? Bueller?? ;)

Seriously, grateful for any help.
thank you
i bought the package from gateway
but it said it cannot install on my hardware
Finally an answer and solution I could understand! Thank you thank you!!!!
Had samee problem for a customer, restore partiton.... For a desktop manufactures in the last 3 years, I went to repair options under the F8 advanced boot options screen... as soon as the computer powers on, keep hittig the F8 key, then select repair, then if you to want wipe everything and start over chose the very LAST option, restore manager.

I hope this helps

Hello, your post on how to restore factory settings kind of helped me, but I cannot find where it says "Repair"
It says:
Advanced Boot Options
Choose advanced options for: Microsoft windows vista
(Use the arrow keys to highlight your choice.)
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with networking
Safe mode with command prompt

Enable Boot Logging
Enable low-resolution video (640x480)
Last known good configuration (advanced)
Directory services Restore Mode
Debugging Mode
Disable automatic restard on system failure.
disable driver signature enforcment

start windows normally

Enter=choose Esc=cancel

please email me how to do it at
> vista inspiron 1520
aye,sorry for the late reply,my internet was down for a while
try holding down the alt key and hit f10 a couple of times on the post(before the windows logo appears).
if you end up in a screen where you get the option to restore to an earlier date try that,if the computer was reformatted and there is no recovery partition,then you wont get to the factory default,let me know if it works.
try alt+F10 during post,this should give you the restore menu,hope it helps.
i had to restore my Gateway desktop to factory settings and searched everywhere. Last option, contact Gateway. I went on their site and found the owner's manual for my series and it told me how to do it. I am not sure if this will work for everyone but it's worth a shot:

Go to:

Gateway Restoration Management.

follow the steps and it should work for you. Hope this helps.

Toni M.

Hurray! Shouts out to Frys Guy!!!!! I got my Gateway back running after using his Alt-F10 tip. A lot of useless searching (much of it a Gateway) and finally came up with that useful tip. My compurter started to reset in the middle of the boot processs. I had tried a lot of different things; F8 and Repair your computer, Repair Startup problems, downloaded a Rocovery CD, etc., and nothing seemed to work until this method.

This tip was not in my Gateway starter guide. What they had written for getting the Recovery Manager was not correct.

After the initial boot screen (with "<F10> for boot menu" at the bottem) disappeared I pressed Alt-F10 and after a minute got a "Gateway Recovery Management" screen with a "Restore from factory default" option. This loaded the system partition (C:) from the recovery partition (hidden). It does wipe every thing out on the C: drive to be like it was when new. (Just to be safe I had made Ghost images of the all hard drive partitions before hand so I could restore them to their sickly state if needed.) Fortunately I had created an extra partition on the hard drive when I first got the machine and put all my work on the non-OS partition (D: drive), and none of that partition was affected during the restore operation. Of course I had to re-install my applications on C:, but everything is running right again.

Now I'm going to make those recovery DVDs in case the recovery partition gets damaged.

Try F8(hold it down)
all this happened to me too. I called gateway tech [had to buy time as my warranty is out]...they could get me to boot up but all the other problems were still there. I took laptop to tech guy who said a eorm was wrecking havoc on my system and he recommended a fresh install of vista using ultimate vs business [my orig.]...needless to say I backed up all my docs and pics to my flash drive first. his install didn't take and so he said the hard drive or the motherboard was down and told me to take it to a laptop specialist.
after 3 days of researching, I decided what the heck, i'll try my own fresh install w/ the os disc gateway sent me...worked like a charm. 80 updates and reinstall of virus protection but hey, it works! fast, brilliant color, smooth scrolling from the touchpad...:-) btw-recovery d is nearly full...must be the intel hard drive.