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Easy Wifi Radar is an application that allows detecting and connecting to existing remote connections. For that, it automatically scans all wireless internet access point and displays them on the screen.

Key Features

Detection: the software's main function is to detect all WiFi sources around there. Indeed, it works like radar and shows on its interface all WiFi emplacements. Strength connections are represented by red points and the weak by yellow points. Automated action: Easy Wifi Radar is equipped with a Play and Stop button to start and conclude the scanning process. Once finished, it automatically searches the best connection and configures the wireless adapter to connect to it. Interface: Easy Wifi Radar has a small window presented in the form of a radar screen. The Internet access points that are available in the area are displayed in green, yellow or red.


This is fast utility and very practical. Easy Wifi Radar is effective for travel. It is possible to install the application in a mobile phone like Smartphone or iDevices.


Easy Wifi Radar only works for Windows XP version.


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