Timez Attack

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Timez Attack
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Kids are now much more interested in video games than in education. And to attract them into learning again, you have to present a lesson as a game. And with technology development, there will be no difficulties to combine game with education since there are various tools designed for this purpose such as Timez Attack.

Key features

  • Learning: Timez Attack is a program which is meant to teach kids multiplication tables. This provides you with an efficient way to make your children learn and retain tables and at same time entertain them too.
  • Entertaining: Timez Attack is shown as video game which final goal is to free a character from a labyrinth. As you move forwards through the game, you will face monsters which you will fight with by using multiplication and difficulty level increases with your position in the labyrinth.
  • Convenient: what makes Timez Attack convenient is its graphic which has been well designed in order to attract as long as possible young people and to make them use this software. Apart from that its handling is really easy and really made for kids.


  • Timez Attack is entirely free.
  • There is any bug.


  • Nothing special to report.


Alternative spelling: Win_TimezAttackFreeInstaller_4.5.exe
Latest update on January 7, 2013 at 02:14 AM.


its very cool
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