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Who is Who Book is a software for managing the details of employees. Indeed, it is able to store data about a worker such as the department, the phone number and more.

Key Features

Storage: it is able to collect and organize employees' information so as they can be reviewed at anytime. For that, the user has to enter these data in the column designed for that. It can be the name, the department and phone of the employees.

Settings: with Who is Who Book, the user is able to perform various tasks such as exporting or importing contact. It is also possible to apply custom parameters using different color for font and dress a summary of the contacts.

Searching: one of the particularities of Who is Who Book is that it is embedded with a searching option. The latter allows looking for a specific criterion and the program can automatically sort the data and display the result.


Who is Who Book supports storing an unlimited number of information.


This is a trial version is valid for 45 days of use.


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