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IMDB Movie Explorer

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IMDB Movie Explorer
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English
IMDB Movie Explorer is a program that allows accessing a large database where hundreds of movies are stored. This tool is an open source and is entirely free of charge.

Key Features

Accessing database: Once IMDB Movie Explorer installed on the computer, it offers its user the ability to access the IMDB web services. Various collections of films are available on this online database for free viewing or downloading.

Playlist: this application also consists of a specific option for creating a custom playlist. The user has just to select the movies of his choice and add them to his list of favorites for easier review later.

Management: with IMDB Movie Explorer, it is possible to easily manage files. Indeed, it allows not only copying movies but also offers the ability to move them from a directory to another. Deleting files is also allowed.

Retrieving information: this program can also retrieve information about a film from the IMDB database. The user can obtain not only the title, directors and actors but also the rating of movies as for other people all around the world.


IMDB Movie Explorer is downloadable for free.
As it is an open source, the user is allowed to bring changes to the software's features according to his needs.


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