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Historically, backgammon is a game that has arisen in the 17th century. Nowadays, the Backgammon Classic Pro is designed to make it easier and accessible to everybody.

Key features

  • Easy : clear instructions for users’ guide is available in the software in order to allow you to see what are the game rules. On top of that, the software can suggest you what would be the best move for you if you want to win.
  • Attractive : the software has sound effects that make the game more exciting. In addition to that, if you want to see your game phases, the software can record your entire game so that you could watch it afterwards.
  • Practical : the Backgammon Classic Pro can stand about 20 players and they can decide if they want to play a match or just a game. Apart from that, the players can choose which is more convenient for them the mouse or the keyboard.
  • Other options : there are various board designs and board colors that you can choose depending on your taste. Also, you can record your scores so that you could see your progress through the statistical data provided by the software.

System requirements

  • The software is compatible with : XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Memory : 10 MB


  • A free software designed for advanced players only.
  • Due to its many playing options, there is no room for getting bored while using this software.


Alternative spelling: bcprosetup-1.02.exe, bcprosetup.exe
Latest update on February 13, 2013 at 12:44 AM.
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Too many clicks, no guidance as to where the counters will land, basic colours, etc

very good....
The game is great. How ever I am wondering if there's a way to make the game window smaller. in full screen it's someone annoying to me
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