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  • Developer Basically Games
  • Version 1.4.3
  • License Freeware
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Baldi's Basics Classic (or Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning) is a meta-horror game with no real educational purpose. Instead, you will experience a strange journey in a school where Baldi, the principal, and other characters will try to catch you or put you in detention. If you want to escape this school, you will have to outsmart your opponents and find all seven notebooks in time.


  • Escape from school: Escape the school, no matter what. As you progress through the game, you will have to collect notebooks scattered across the school, answer questions, and avoid getting caught by Baldi. Above all, make sure not to make Baldi mad, or you will put yourself in danger.

  • Explore: Make sure to explore all the different rooms, as you will find various items like a lock, a quarter, an energy bar, scissors, and more. Each one has a different purpose that will help you progress and win.

  • Solve puzzles: You will have to solve math problems when you collect each of the seven notebooks. Even though the first one may seem simple, it will become harder and harder as the journey goes on. Don't be fooled by the game, as some questions may be illegible or just not feasible at all.

  • Meta-educational: Even though the game's purpose is not to teach math, it still stimulates critical thinking skills by challenging you to go through the game with stealth and cleverly avoid enemies.

  • Manage your energy: Throughout the game, you will have to manage your energy level, which goes up and down, and you will be notified when it becomes dangerous to your health. Your edible energy bar allows you to sprint ahead through the hallways when your energy levels are low.

  • Trick them all: Baldi is not your only enemy in this game. Indeed, watch out as the principal and a girl with a jumping rope known as Playtime will try to keep you here. The principal will try to put you into detention, and the girl to make you jump with her rope. So make sure to dodge their attention by going in the other direction or outsmart them (for example, you can cut the rope using your scissors).

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Graphics and sound

Baldi's Basics Classic features very simple cartoonish graphics (to be honest, it looks like from when the Internet started), but it's on purpose as it helps build the strange atmosphere of the game. The sounds and audio elements are also designed to make you feel something unusual is happening in this school. The whole mix works pretty well.

Duration and game modes

If you only focus on the Normal game mode, you will likely play it for a couple of hours. The game offers a solo experience with two game modes:

  • Normal: You need to find all seven notebooks and escape from school. The notebooks are all over the building.
  • Infinite: You need to find as many notebooks as possible, and the game ends when Baldi catches you. Still, you will find out there are more teachers in the school who will look for ways to take you to detention and make you play crazy games.

What do the reviews say?

There is no official rating, but the game has been well-received by players and stands out for the uniqueness of its look and concept.

Age rating

This is a meta-horror game, so don't worry about questioning if everyone can play it, as it has been rated Everyone.

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