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Kali Linux Teaser is the application that replaced BackTrack. It is a versatile program for the security of Linux operating system. It offers various utilities such as a firewall or report generator.

Key Features

Evaluation: This program can evaluate the security system used on the platform and detect all possible breaks. At the end of each analysis, it generates a report of vulnerability that is displayed on the main interface.

Security enhancement: This application allows to strengthen the defense system in order to face external attacks. To do this, it automatically establishes safety rules with defined parameters. This is a support function to the antivirus installed on the PC.

Data protection: Apart from the features mentioned above, Kali Linux Teaser offers the possibility to limit access to data stored on the hard drive by locking them or putting them in read-only.

Reports: All actions performed with Kali Linux Teaser can be saved in the software's database and sorted by date and transactions. The reports are available in the resources of the program.


Kali Linux Teaser can be downloaded for free.


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