Arch Linux (ISO)

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Arch Linux is an independently developed Linux distribution that keeps it simple. The developers of Arch Linux define simplicity as "an operating system without unnecessary additions or modifications".

What are the key features of Arch Linux?

  • Build Your Own OS: Arch Linux is a very minimal Linux distribution, meaning that it only comes equipped with the most basic functionalities. As an Arch Linux user, you have the complete freedom to add components and features.
  • High Performance: Arch Linux is a clutter-free operating system. Thanks to its simplicity and efficiency, the performance of Arch Linux is of incomparable standards.
  • No System Upgrades: This system is based on a so-called 'rolling release model', meaning that you will only have to install Arch Linux once, without having to think about upgrading to a new version. The operating system keeps itself updated in a fully automatic way.

Where to find an Arch Linux installation guide?

In general, we can say that for installing Arch Linux more knowledge is required than most other desktop operating systems. However, thanks to the very well-written Arch Linux Wiki installation guide, the process isn't rocket science.

Is Arch Linux free?

Arch Linix is a free open-source Linux distribution. Downloading, installing and updating Arch Linux is completely free of charge.

Is Arch Linux safe?

Yes, Arch Linux by default is a safe operating system.

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