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Find the best discounts for your next vacation, a night out on the town, a massage, a special dinner for your loved one, and more with Groupon!

Registration date
Tuesday March 7, 2017
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November 4, 2021

Groupon is the official app for finding the best deals, up to 70% reduced prices, in your area. The service is present in more than 500 cities around the world, so you're sure to find some savings that will be of interest to you. Thanks to this app, users can search for and buy products, services, trips, and experiences all at discounted prices. On the app, you can also read, and write your own, review of each offer.

Key Features

  • Economic way of shopping: Groupon lets you save up to 70% on various deals
  • Different coupons available: restaurants, food delivery, beauty or hair salon, yoga studio, spas, sports centers, cinemas and many other categories are available in coupons
  • Up to 30% Cash Back: this option lets you get back some money at restaurants and use them later as a discount
  • Hotels deals: the app allows you to travel cheap and stay at luxurious hotels for nothing
  • Notifications: you can set up alerts and receive personalized deals that can be beneficial for you based on your interests and your location
  • No need to print vouchers and coupons, you can have it all inside the app
  • You can also share deals with your close ones and help them save some money too.
  • Apple Pay is available

How Groupon Works?

Groupon gets a commission from every coupon it sells and the retailers and businesses are promised a minimum number of deals, so the user doesn’t have to pay for using the app.

Is Groupon Free?

Groupon is completely free to download and use.

Other Systems

Groupon is also available for iOS.

System Requirements

In order to run Groupon on your smartphone, you need version 6.0 and up for Android. For the Apple version, you need iOS12 or later.

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