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Stay Focused

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Stay Focused
Android - English

Really helps to keep me concentrated on a task so I'm not getting distracted by my phone.

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Monday November 25, 2019
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October 7, 2021

Stay Focused - App Block is one of the favoured apps for those who want to improve their self-control and productivity by reducing the time they spend on their phone or mobile device.
This app helps you block all types of apps (from social networks to instant messaging services) and even the phone in its entirety, for just a fews hours or more if necessary. On top of this, Stay Focused aims to reduce phone addiction. It allows you to set a maximum time limit that you can use an app over a certain time. For example, you can block Facebook for two hours, or if you prefer, you can indicate that you want to use Facebook for a maximum of 40 minutes a day.

Stay Focused is easy to use and being able decide which type of blocking you want is a big plus. The app even has the ability to completely lock your phone and only unlocks it after a full day.

The developers of Stay Focused ensure that they do not share information about their users with third parties.

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