CommonPass free for Android APK

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CommonPass is a handy vaccine passport app that lets you hold your digital vaccine certificate and present it whenever it's needed. The app was developed by The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum to facilitate travels and safely get back to normal life.

What are the key features of CommonPass?

  • Vaccine certificate: Upload your vaccine records in the app and you will not need to carry your paper card with you anymore. Simply present the digital version of your vaccination or test results whenever you have to.
  • SMART Health Card: CommonPass supports SMART Health Card vaccination records from Walmart, Sam's Club, Louisiana, California, and UCSD Health.
  • Information: When going on a trip, you can also check in the app if you need any additional papers for the destination country.
  • Accepted by Airlines: The app is already supported by multiple airline companies including Virgin Atlantic, Swiss, JetBlue, United, Lufthansa, and more.

How does CommonPass work?

CommonPass works like many other vaccine passport apps: simply download it on your smartphone, add your vaccination or test data from authorized providers and get your personal QR code for travels and public places. And that’s it!

Is CommonPass free?

The app is completely free to download and use.

Is CommonPass safe?

CommonPass is a safe app that doesn’t share your health data without your permission. Although, we always recommend you read its privacy policy before downloading the app.