Finale NotePad is a music notation for guitar, anyway, the application is notating guitar tablature, composing a piano solo or even arranging a jazz combo. NotePad is indeed a very useful instrument transposition for the creative musician. It manipulated key signatures, clefs, instrument transposition.

Key Features

Inspired musician uses NotePad to create original music. The application can score of up to eight instruments such as lead sheets, choral music, guitar tablature. Notes, rest, lyrics and other markings can be entered within the application. NotePad goes beyond translating your notes, it also gives a very high-quality built-in sounds. In addition to that, you can choose different instruments and voices that you might need for your composition. It can also help you share your work of art by printing and exchanging a variety of electronic files. You can modify your composition as much as you want while you can listen to it. Therefore, you can play and edit MIDI files.


  • You can listen instantly the notes you just composed.
  • NotePad is an easy to use application as far as we are talking about its interface.
  • The application is very entertaining.


  • Music fonts only include maestro.
  • The software is much appropriate for expert as requires a minimum of knowledge about music arts.


Alternative spelling: NotePad2012Win.exe

Latest update on June 24, 2016 at 11:06 AM.


Main Points It's a good'n easy/simple note-writing program
Weak Infos It lack's the ability to make coda's and thing's like swing
Main Points ability to have more than one group shown at a time
Weak Infos faster music writting
Main Points It is all pretty good
Weak Infos You should be able to add your own lyrics under the notes
Main Points Veuillez renseigner les champs ci-dessus
Weak Infos needs better sound
Main Points not that informative
Weak Infos how do i get the chord sybol tool i cant seem to find it ?