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Crescendo Music Notation software empowers you to write your music score and provides you with all the necessary tools in the music score writing and sharing process, all of this for free. The software is developed by NCH Software and can be useful for composers and arrangers. Come and start composing your masterpiece.

What is Crescendo Music Notation?

Crescendo Music Notation is a free piece software that allows you to compose your compositions starting from scratch or you can import MIDI files and the software will automatically convert them to musical notation. This software is perfect to compose songs and writing them in the traditional music notation system, guitar tablature, or drum notation. Once finished, you can export the result in multiple formats, which makes Crescendo a very useful program if you are a composer, arranger, or performer.

What are the key features of Crescendo Music Notation?

  • Music notation: this software allows you to change the scale and time signature very easily, add any of the existing note durations and even display the note names (to help beginner musicians) when writing on your staves in G, F and C key signatures.

  • Preview and share: Easily preview your work by playing playback of the notes using the MIDI standard protocol. You can also export your music score to PDF, MP3, WAV, TGA, JPG, or PNG. Another cool feature is that you can even print blank staves to allow you to write your compositions by hand. Last but not least you can also import MIDI files and convert them into music notation.

  • Lyrics: Add lyrics to your scores easily using the 'Lyrics' tool. Using your computer mouse, select the tool and then simply click to the right of the staff to start typing. By pressing Tab or Space, you automatically switch to the next note in your score.

  • Other editing tools: There are lots of other toolssuch as dragging notes to change their pitch or location, writing texts specifying tempo or dynamics, zooming in and out for simplified changes, working with several staves simultaneously making it easier to write groups of partitions and more.

How to use Crescendo Music Notation?

There are various different types of resources to help you learn how to use Crescendo Music Notation, such as a complete manual guide, you can also find help by contacting the support, and even watch dedicated tutorials made by the developers:

Is Crescendo Music Notation free?

Crescendo Music Notation is free.

Is Crescendo Music Notation safe?

Crescendo Music Notation is a safe software and has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. As always, we recommend reading the official Privacy policy before installing.

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