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Midomi is your all-in-one music hub, blending song discovery, a vast array of music and videos, and a lively social scene for music fans. It's the perfect spot for exploring, connecting, and indulging in your passion for music.

What is Midomi?

Midomi is a unique online music platform that combines song identification, a vast library of music and videos, and a vibrant social network for music enthusiasts. It allows users to discover new songs, watch music videos, and connect with fellow fans and artists. With features like song purchase and streaming options, Midomi caters to all aspects of a music lover's journey, from exploration to connection. It stands out as an interactive hub for anyone passionate about music.

What are the key features of Midomi?

  • Song identification: Identify any song effortlessly, either by humming or recording music around you. Perfect for those moments when you're trying to recall a song or curious about what's playing in the background.
  • Extensive music library: Discover a wide range of songs and albums in Midomi's music library. Search by name to explore new music or find specific tracks that suit your current mood or taste.
  • Built-in music player: Enjoy immediate playback of your music discoveries with Midomi's integrated music player. This feature ensures a seamless listening experience directly within the platform.
  • Music discovery and suggestions: Midomi isn't just for identifying songs; it's a portal to a world of new music. Explore fresh songs and artists, and keep up with the latest music trends and recommendations.
  • Detailed music information: Get in-depth information about any song you find, including its name, artist, composer, album, and more. This applies to songs identified by humming, searching by name, or those found in Midomi's suggestions.
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  • Sing and share: Show off your singing skills and share your performances on Midomi. Connect with a community of music lovers, receive ratings and comments, and enjoy a social music experience.
  • Video library: You're in for a visual treat! In Midomi, alongside an array of songs, you'll find a wealth of videos for many tracks. Whether you're after the nostalgia of classic music videos, the thrill of live performances, or unique cover versions, Midomi is your go-to source.
  • Connect with a vibrant community: You're not just exploring music; you're joining a community. Midomi offers you a user forum to share and revel in musical experiences. What's more, through various fan network channels, you can follow your favorite artists or discover fellow users who share your musical tastes.
  • Stream or purchase: Ever heard a song on Midomi and wondered where you can listen to it again or even own it? Midomi makes this easy for you. When you delve into the details of a song, you'll find options to stream or purchase it. It's all about empowering you to enjoy music the way you prefer.

How to use Midomi?

The platform is user-friendly and straightforward. Once you log in, the homepage presents you with three options for identifying music:

  • Located in the top right corner, there's a search bar where you can enter the song name, artist, or other relevant keywords.
  • The record button, positioned centrally on the screen, is easy to use. Simply click it to begin recording sound, and click again after a few seconds to stop. The system then processes and provides you with the identified song information.
  • At the bottom of the page, you'll find Midomi's suggested songs or the option to explore music by category.

Is Midomi free?

Yes, Midomi is totally free.

Is Midomi safe?

Yes, using Midomi comes with no safety concerns. However, we strongly advise taking a moment to review their privacy policy, ensuring you're well-informed about any potential data collection and utilization that the platform might engage in.

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