SAM Broadcaster Lite free for PC

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The SAM Broadcaster software was designed for users who want to share their music online or even create their own radio station. It offers many features that help you to keep your DJ sets and playlists going on in a high-quality sound format.

What is SAM Broadcaster?

SAM Broadcaster is a comprehensive radio automation solution that provides professional DJ capabilities and enables streaming audio to listeners around the globe. It is much more than just a DJ system, offering a complete radio station in a box.

What are the key features of SAM Broadcaster?

  • Diffusion: SAM Broadcaster can help a user to share songs on the internet or to create their own radio station. It supports various file formats, including MP3, OGG, AAC, and WMV.
  • Library: the software comes with an embedded library, making file sharing simpler. With its several integrated fields, it is easy to sort the songs by type of music. It is even possible to create a playlist prioritizing favorite artists selected by the user.
  • Compatible servers: SAM Broadcaster is adapted to streaming servers such as Live365, Icecast, Shoutcast, and many others. It also features sound effects and audience statistics, and all this in real-time.
  • Improvements: the program features several adjustable settings allowing sound optimization. It is also possible to check the rendering quality before it is broadcasted by listening to it straight from the embedded player.
  • Automated Scheduling: the user can upload music, DJ sets, rotation rules, and more and shut down the computer with no worries, the station will be running automatically.
  • Live: using the program, you can stream live shows and events.
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How to use Sam Broadcaster?

You will find many valuable resources online through the official YouTube channel, their blog, as well as many other tutorials made by people on the internet.

How much is Sam Broadcaster?

This is a free 7-day trial version, but you can choose any of the Sam Broadcaster plans to get the most out of it through Sam Broadcaster Pro or Sam Broadcaster Cloud.

Is it safe?

Yes, Sam Broadcaster is safe to use.

What is the difference between Sam Cast and Sam Broadcaster?

SAM Broadcaster enables you to organize a media library, automate your radio station and communicate with your audience.
SAM Cast is only able to capture and broadcast live audio.

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