Vector Q (Imaengin‪e)

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  • Developer Luis Rivas
  • Version 7.0.23
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Vector Q (previously known as Imaengin‪e) is an app that serves as a raster to vector translator and vector editor at the same time. The main goal of the app is to convert pixel-format pictures into editable vector drawings. It was developed by Luis Rivas. In this article, we discuss some of the app’s key features, as well as some additional information.

Key Features

Here are some of the Vector Q’s main features:

  • Vectorizer: the Vectorizer is one of the two modes of the app and serves for vectorizing images. Every image is composed of three layers: background, colors, and edges. You can modify or hide any of these parts through the Vectorizer or Modifiers panels, and you can also use the presets or crop the image.
  • Editor: the Editor is the second mode of the app and it is used for editing vectorizations. You can do so thanks to different tools: brushes, object selection, pens, strokes, add text, create shapes, and many more.
  • Record videos: to make you enjoy even more this app, you can record videos with a rotoscoping effect (meaning, the effect that comes from animating sequences by tracing over live-action footage frame by frame).
  • Compatibility: your projects are compatible between iOS and Mac.

How Does Vector Q Work?

Vector Q may be a bit confusing to use for beginners. An important thing to know is that the vectorizer workspace is automatically opened if you import pictures. On the other hand, the editor workspace is opened when creating new drawings from scratch with the button New. If you are completely new to this kind of software, we recommend reading the official Vector Q guide.

Is Vector Q Safe?

It seems that the app has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. As always, we recommend reading the official Privacy policy in order to take note of the way Vector Q uses your data. In general, the app seems as safe as any other photo and video editing software.

Is Vector Q Free?

You can download and use this app for free. However, you have to pay $3.99 in order to upgrade it but this purchase is optional.

System Requirements

In order to run the Vector Q app on your device, you need iOS/iPadOS 11.3 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Images: Apple Store